N/V Adams County Winery Rebel Red  
2013 Buddy Boy Winery & Vrds Niagara
2012 Seven Mountains Wine Cellars Dry Riesling
2012 Nissley Vrds Black Raspberry
2011 Mazza Vrds Ice Wine of Vidal
2010 Penns Woods Winery Chambourcin



2013 Mazza Vrds Grüner Veltliner
2012 Penns Woods Winery Chardonnay Reserve
2010 Penns Woods Winery Chambourcin
2012 Happy Valley Vrds & Winery Chancellor
N/V  Gettysburg Winery Rebel Red
2013 Buddy Boy Winery  & Vrds Niagara
2012 Greendance Black Currant
2011 Mazza Vrds Ice Wine of Vidal
2012 Nissley Vrds Black Raspberry
N/V  The Winery At Wilcox Blueberry Mist


2012 Glades Pike Winery Bicentennial Blush
2010 Penns Woods Winery Merlot Reserve
2012 Seven Mountains Wine Cellars Dry Riesling
2012 Seven Mountains Wine Cellars Tickled Pink
2013 Shade Mountain Winery Blackberry
N/V  Arrowhead Wine Cellars Dazzling Niagara
2013 Calvaresi Winery Gewurztraminer
2013 Calvaresi Winery Baco Noir
2012 Greenhouse Winery Traminette
N/V  Courtyard Winery Choicopelli
2012 Fero Vrds & Winery Sweet Country Spiced Apple
2012 Benigna’s Creek Delicioso Sol
N/V  Crossing Vrds & Winery Wild Berry
N/V  The Winery At Wilcox East Branch Sunset
N/V  Clover Hill Winery Niagara
2012 Happy Valley Vrds & Winery Appalachian Red
2012 Grovedale Winery 8th Generation
N/V  Narcissi Winery Peach – Catawba
2012 Antler Ridge Winery Diamond
2012 Cherry Valley Vrds Watermelon Rose
N/V Adams County Winery Scrapple


2012 Cherry Valley Vrds Blackberry Spumante
2012 Cherry Valley Vrds Blackberry Noir
N/V Presque Isle Wine Cellars  Creekside Niagara
2013 Fero Vrds & Winery Late Harvest Riesling
2012 Fero Vrds & Winery Sweet Country Chocolate
2013 Seven Mountains Wine Cellars Black Raspberry
2012 Seven Mountains Wine Cellars Traminette
2011 Seven Mountains Wine Cellars Rattlehead Red
2011 Mazza Vrds Muff Nobile
N/V  Mazza Vrds Niagara
2013 The Winery At Hershey Blackberry Portrait
N/V  Arrowhead Wine Cellars Concord
N/V  Arrowhead Wine Cellars Diamond
2013 Buddy Boy Winery & Vrds Leon Millot
N/V  Courtyard Winery Great Lakes Beach Class White
2011 Flickerwood Wine Cellars Maple Wine
2011 Flickerwood Wine Cellars Fredonia
2012  Penns Woods Winery Moscato
N/V   The Winery At Wilcox Wedding White
2007 West Hanover Winery Buckwheat Honey Mead
2013 West Hanover Winery Clover Honey Mead
2010 Buckingham Valley Winery Pink Methode Champenoise
2010 Buckingham Valley Winery Brut Methode Champenoise
N/V  Conneaut Cellars Winery Princess Snowater
2012 Conneaut Cellars Winery Merlot
2011 Conneaut Cellars Winery Pinot Grigio
2012 Greenhouse Winery Riesling
2012  Greenhouse Winery Vidal
2012 Grovedale Winery Niagara
2012 Grovedale Winery Marquette
N/V Stone Mountain Winery Orchard Blush
2012 Nissley Vrds Apple Wine
2012 Greendance Diamond
2012 6 Mile Cellars Winery Cabernet Franc
2012 Benigna’s Creek Chambourcin
2011 Waltz Vrds Estate Winery Old Line Chardonnay
2013 Calvaresi Winery Cab. Sauvignon
2012 Vynecrest Vrds & Winery Chambourcin
N/V  Clover Hill Winery Vidal Blanc
2012 Narcisi Winery Noiret
2013 Shade Mtn Winery Edelweiss


2013 Buddy Boy Winery & Vrds Mutt   
2013 Buddy Boy Winery & Vrds Four on the Floor 
2013 Buddy Boy Winery & Vrds Trimist  
2013 Buddy Boy Winery & Vrds Smart Sue  
2012 Buddy Boy Winery & Vrds Black Raspberry 
N/V  Chaddsford Winery  Spiced Apple  
N/V  Clover Hill Winery Catawba   
N/V  Clover Hill Winery Three   
N/V  Crossing Vrds & Winery  Chocolate Cherry Truffle
N/V  Crossing Vrds & Winery Vintners Select Red 
N/V  Crossing Vrds & Winery Heritage  
N/V  The Winery At Wilcox Clarian River Rapids 
N/V  The Winery At Wilcox Pinot Grigio  
N/V  The Winery At Wilcox Chambourcin  
N/V  Mazza Vrds Conocrd    
N/V  Mazza Vrds Cream Sherry   
N/V  Black Walnut Winery Seduction  
2010 Black Walnut Winery Syrah   
2012 Antler Ridge Winery Red Vixen  
N/V  Antler Ridge Winery Creekside White    
N/V  Conneaut Cellars Winery  Huidekeper  
2011 Conneaut Cellars Winery Cb. Sauvignon  
2013 Mt. Hope Estate Honey Mead   
2012 Mt. Hope Estate Riesling   
2013 Mt. Hope Estate Vidal Ice Wine  
N/V  Hidden Creek Vrd & Winery Bull Frog Sangria 
2012 Shade Mtn Winery Great White Traminette 
2012 Shade Mtn  Winery Cool Duck   
2012 Shade Mtn  Winery Riesling   
2010 Shade Mtn Winery Proprietor’s Red  
2013 Shade Mtn Winery Sauvignon Blanc  
2012 The Winery At Hershey Moscato  
2012 Vynecrest Vrds & Winery Vignoles  
2012 Vynecrest Vrds & Winery DiVyne Red  
2012 Benigna’s Creek Spice   
2013 Benigna’s Creek Tears   
2012 Cherry Valley Vrds Raspberry Blush  
2010 Naylor Wine Cellars Malbec   
2009 Naylor Wine Cellars Intimacy   
2012 Presque Isle Wine Cellars Riesling  
2011 Presque Wine Cellars Eskimo Kisses  
2011 Presque Isle Wine Cellars Dornfelder  
N/V  Adams County Winery Cherese Masquerade 
2012 Cassel Vrds of Hershey Steuben  
N/V  Arrowhead Wine Cellars Fredonia    
N/V  Cullari Vrd & Winery Cayuga White  
2012 Nissley Vrds Naughty Marietta   
2012 Nissley Vrds Rhapsody in Blue   
2012 Nissley Vrds Chambourcin   
2012 Nissley Vrds Valley Red   
2012 Nissley Vrds Vidal Blanc   
2011 Glades Pike Winery Cabernet Franc  
2012 Waltz Vrds Estate Winery  Sauvignon Blanc 
2012 Greenhouse Winery Chambourcin  
2009 Penns Woods Winery Cab. Sauvignon  
2012 Penns Woods Traminete   
2011 Flickerwood Wine Cellars Marechal Foch 
2012 Flickerwood Wine Cellars Strawberry Fields 
N/V  Thistlethwaite Vrds Colonial Red  
2013 Franklin Hill Vrds Kiss   
2013 Logan’s View Winery Pinot Gris  
2012 Narcisi Winery Riesling


2012 N