2013 Governor's Cup Winners! Congratulations to the 3 Winners!

Crossing Vineyards & Winery - Best of Show Fruit

Wild Berry NV Best of Show Fruit; Gold

Greendance Winery - Best of Show Sweet/Dessert Grape

Diamond 2011 Best of Show Sweet/Dessert Grape; Best American; Double Gold

Karamoor Estate Vineyard - Best of Show Dry Grape

Estate Meritage 2008 Best of Show Dry Grape; Best Vinifera; Double Gold




Following are the award winning wines for the Pennsylvania Farm Show

Pickering Winery - Best Hybrid

Vignoles 2011 Best Hybrid; Gold

The Winery at Wilcox - Best Sparkling

Celebration 2011 Best Sparkling;Gold

Allegheny Cellars Winery

Golden Dew Drop NV Silver

Depot Red NV Silver

Bull Hill Blush NV Silver

Corn Planter's Tears NV Bronze

Traditions NV Bronze

Big Foot Shadows NV Bronze

Antler Ridge Winery

Red Vixen 2011 Silver

Seasons 2011 Silver

Antler Ridge Red 2011 Bronze

Diamond 2011 Bronze

Antler Ridge Blush 2011 Bronze

Creekside White 2011 Bronze

Ashley Rose 2011 Bronze

Armstrong Valley Winery

Armstrong Red 2011 Gold

Stone House 2011 Silver

Rutter Red 2011 Bronze

Cranberry Bronze

Merlot 2011 Bronze

Arrowhead Wine Cellars

Red Raspberry NV Silver

Fredonia NV Silver

Cherry NV Bronze

Dazzling Concord NV Bronze

Vintingos Reserve Riesling NV Bronze

Cabernet Sauvignon NV Bronze

Port NV Bronze 

Riesling NV Bronze

Pink Catawba NV Bronze

Benigna's Creek Winery

Benigna's Red 2011 Gold

Benigna's Tears 2011 Silver

Traminette 2011 Silver

Chambourcin 2010 Bronze

Black Raspberry 2011 Bronze

Blueberry 2011 Bronze

Niagara 2011 Bronze

Blue Mountain Vineyards

Meritage 2006 Silver

Vidal Blanc 2011 Bronze 

Chardonnay 2008 Bronze 

Riesling 2011 Bronze

Brookmere Winery & Vineyard

Chardonnay 2010 Silver 

Merlot 2010 Silver 

Berries Gone Wild 2011 Bronze 

Alexander Red 2010 Bronze 

Port NV Bronze 

Spiced Apple 2011 Bronze 

Blush 2011 Bronze

Cassell Vineyards of Hershey 

Blush 2011 Bronze

Conneaut Cellars Winery

Hazel Park Red NV Silver

Sadsbury Red NV Silver 

Princess Snowater NV Silver 

Wolf Island NV Bronze

Pinot Grigio 2011 Bronze

Courtyard Wineries 

Vignoles 2011 Silver

Noiret 2009 Silver 

White Lies NV Silver 

Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 Silver 

Dazzle NV Silver 

Ruby's Rouge NV Bronze 

Chardonnay 2010 Bronze

Crossing Vineyards

Wild Berry NV Best of Show Fruit; Gold

Fero Vineyards & Winery 

Lemberger 2011 Silver 

Pinot Gris 2011 Silver 

Franklin Hill Winery  

Fiesta 2011 Silver 

Sir Walters Red 2011 Silver 

Chambourcin 2011 Bronze 

Thin 2011 Bronze

Vidal Blanc 2011 Bronze

Trio NV Bronze 

Fainting Goat 2011 Bronze 

Seyval Blanc 2012 Bronze

Greendance Winery  

Sparkling Vidal Blanc 2010 Silver 

Noiret 2008 Bronze

Chambourcin 2011 Bronze

Peach NV Bronze 

Black Current Wine NV Bronze

Sparkling Red Raspberry NV Bronze

Happy Valley Vineyard & Winery

Vidal Blanc 2011 Gold

Royal White 2010 Gold

Vidal Blanc Ice Wine 2010 Silver

Noiret 2010 Silver 

Three Sisters Bronze

Cayuga 2010 Bronze

Fox Point 2010 Bronze

Hidden Creek Winery

Autumn NV Silver

BlueStone NV Bronze

Lightning Livvy NV Bronze 

Hunters Valley Winery

Concord 2011 Gold

Niagara 2011 Bronze

Mazza Vineyards 

Riesling 2010 Bronze

Bare Bones White NV Bronze

Port NV Bronze

Ice Wine of Vidal Blanc 2011 Bronze

Bare Bones Rose NV Bronze

Naylor Winery

Rambo Run Rose NV Silver

Rapture 2008 Bronze

Nissley Winery  

Chambourcin 2011 Silver

Seyval Blanc 2011 Bronze

Black Raspberry 2011 Bronze

Spicy Red 2011 Bronze

Classical White 2011 Bronze

Grapeful Red 2011 Bronze

Country Cherry 2012 Bronze

Apple 2011 Bronze

Penns Wood Winery

Merlot 2007 Silver

White Merlot 2011 Bronze

Bancroff Rose NV Bronze

Chardonnay Reserve 2011 Bronze

Lacrima Dolce 2011 Bronze

Pickering Winery

Vignoles 2011 Best Hybrid;Gold

Diamond 2011 Gold 

West Hill Red 2011 Silver 

Francat 2011 Silver

Chuckleberry 2011 Silver

Cranberry 2011 Bronze

Pinnacle Ridge Winery

Merlot 2010 Silver

Veritas 2010 Bronze

Chardonnay 2011 Bronze

Reserve Chambourcin 2010 Bronze

Chambourcin 2010 Bronze

Naked Chardonnay 2011 Bronze

Riesling 2011 Bronze

Presque Isle Wine Cellars

Dornfelder 2010 Gold

Eskimo Kisses 2011 Gold

Vidal 2009 Silver

Falling Waters 2010 Silver

Riesling 2011 Bronze

Pink Catawba 2010 Bronze

Blushing Heron NV Bronze

Seven Mountains Wine Cellars 

Vidal Blanc 2011 Gold

Vidal Ice Wine 2012 Gold

Traminette 2011 Gold

Rattlehead Red 2010 Gold

General Potters Fort 2010 Silver

Riesling 2011 Bronze

Fire and Ice 2012 Bronze

Blue Diamond 2011 Bronze

Shade Mountain Winery

Young's Hill Riesling 2011 Silver

Cabernet Franc 2010 Silver

Lemberger 2009 Bronze

Three Witches 2011 Bronze

Pinot Grigio 2010 Bronze

Merlot 2010 Bronze

Viognier 2011 Bronze

Williams Port 2007 Bronze

"005" 2008 Bronze

Stone Mountain Wine Cellar  

Orchard Blush NV Silver

Sinful Sadie NV Bronze

Norton 2011 Bronze

Thistlethwaite Vineryards

Colonial Red NV Silver

Farm House Red NV Bronze

Tuscarora Mountain Winery

Happy Birthday to You NV Silver

Under the Mistletow NV Silver

Strawberry Delight NV Bronze

Vynecrest Vineyards & Winery

Traminette 2011 Gold

Vynecrest White 2011 Silver

Dry Riesling 2011 Silver

Vynecrest Red 2011 Silver

Cherry DiVyne 2011 Bronze

Waltz Vineyards 

Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 Silver

Sauvignon Blanc 2011 Bronze

Fusion 2011 Bronze

West Hanover Winery 

Riesling Heavenly Mist 2008 Silver 

Sour Cherry Sweet NV Bronze

Baco Noir SS 2008 Bronze

Red Raspberry Sweet NV Bronze

Winery at Wilcox 

Celebration 2011 Best Sparkling; Gold 

Clarion River Red 2011 Silver

Kellermeisters Ubarraschung 2009 Bronze

Clarion River Rapids 2011 Bronze

Rasselas Rose 2011 Bronze

Port of Chambourcin 2010 Bronze

Wedding White 2011 Bronze

Schokoladenkirshwein 2011 Bronze

Winfield Winery 

Fredonia 2011 Gold

Cabot Country Red 2011 Gold

Winfield Country Red 2011 Silver

Winfield Country White 2011 Silver

Niagara 2011 Silver 

Raspberry Apple 2011 Bronze

Cranberry 2011 Bronze