Much to celebrate at the Pennsylvania Wines Annual Conference and PA Wine Marketing & Research Board Annual Symposium

A Spirited Outlook, a Milestone Anniversary, Transformative Discussions and a Landmark Appointment Marked the 2017 Meeting for Pennsylvania’s Wine Industry

State College, PA — Members of Pennsylvania’s wine and grape industry gathered together here for the Pennsylvania Wines Annual Conference in conjunction with the PA Wine Marketing & Research Board (PWMRB) Annual Symposium for two days of educational meetings, industry collaboration and a celebration of the Pennsylvania Winery Association’s (PWA) 40th anniversary. The yearly event, which was held at the Nittany Lion Inn at Penn State University on March 28 and March 29, was the first since Act 39 was passed and the growth opportunities made possible by the bill certainly set the tone for the energetic conference.

The unofficial theme of the meeting was centered around discussions of rapid growth and a thriving industry that is expanding its customer base throughout the state and across borders. With an increase in consumer access and consumer interest in buying local wine, Pennsylvania’s wine producers and those in the enology and viticulture fields were looking ahead to a busy growing season and opportunities for new business developments.

”As we were celebrating 40 years of the PWA, it was exciting to see many of the original contributors to our industry in attendance and actively looking to foster continued growth for the local wine industry for many more years to come,” said Ms. Eckinger.

In addition to a celebration for 40 years of the the Pennsylvania Winery Association, members made a landmark appointment by officially recognizing Liz Diesel of Glades Pike Winery (Somerset, PA) as the incoming president of the PWA, the first female to hold this position. Diesel replaces Jamie Williams of The Winery at Wilcox (Wilcox, PA), who served as president for four years.

“I’m honored by the appointment and hope to live up to the standards set by the numerous influential women across Pennsylvania Wine Land,” said Ms. Diesel.

Part of the conference also served as an award ceremony when the results were announced for the Pennsylvania Wine Competition. Medals were awarded to 35 wineries, with standout recognition going to Presque Isle Wine Cellars (North East, PA) for Best Dry Wine for their 2013 Cabernet Franc and to Juniata Valley Winery (Mifflin, PA) for Best Sweet Wine for their 2015 Morning Thief, a fruit wine filled with the flavor of fresh strawberries. The complete list of winners is attached below. Photo attached: George and Colleen Hazard, owners of Juniata Valley Winery, a combination winery and bed & breakfast known for its sweet and semi-sweet wines.

The annual conference is the pinnacle educational and networking experience for those in the state’s enology and viticulture fields, and for members of the local wine production industry. At this year’s conference, all regions of the state were represented by the wineries in attendance. And for many, the close of the conference marked the start of the 2017 growing and tourism season, which contributes greatly to the more than two billon dollar statewide industry.


The Pennsylvania Winery Association is a trade association representing more than 100 member wineries and an advocate on behalf of the state’s growing multibillion-dollar wine industry. With some of the most fertile grape-growing land on the East Coast, Pennsylvania ranks fifth nationally in the amount of grapes grown, seventh in wine production, and seventh

in the number of licensed wineries. To learn more about Pennsylvania wine or to plan a trip, visit


The Pennsylvania Wine Marketing & Research Board is an official Pennsylvania Agricultural Commodity Marketing Board works to support the vision of the Pennsylvania wine and grape industry to be recognized as the premium East Coast wine appellation by promoting an increase in quality, profitability and consumer awareness of Pennsylvania wines.


Best of Show

  • Best White Sweet Wine: Benigna’s Creek Winery 2016 Niagara
  • Best Red Sweet Wine: Seven Mountains Wine Cellars NV General Potter’s Fort
  • Best Fruit Wine: Juniata Winery 2015 Morning Thief
  • Best White Dry Wine: Franklin Hill 2015 White Jade
  • Best Red Dry Wine: Presque Isle Wine Cellars 2013 Cabernet Franc
  • Best Sweet Wine in the Competition: Juniata Winery 2015 Morning Thief
  • Best Dry Wine in the Competition: Presque Isle Wine Cellars 2013 Cabernet Franc

Double Golds

  • Armstrong Valley: NV Blackberry
  • Benigna’s Creek: 2016 Niagara
  • Crossing Vineyards: NV Chocolate Cherry Truffle
  • Flickerwood Wine Cellars: 2015 Ruby Z
  • Juniata Winery: 2015 Morning Thief
  • Olivero’s Winery: 2015 Fanny’s Fusion

Other Awards By Winery

  • Armstrong Valley Winery (Halifax, PA)
    • Gold: 2015 Muscato
    • Silver: 2013 Fort Halifax
    • Bronze: 2015 Bad Girl; 2015 Cha Cha; 2015 Riesling
  • Arrowhead Wine Cellars (North East, PA)
    • Gold: NV Diamond; NV Red Raspberry; NV Riesling
    • Silver: NV Blueberry Blues; NV Cabernet Franc; NV Dazzling Sangria; NV Sassy Sangria
    • Bronze: NV Cabernet Sauvignon; NV Blackberry; NV Niagara
  • Arundel Cellars (North East, PA)
    • Silver: NV Soulmates
    • Bronze: 2015 Vidal Blanc
  • Benigna’s Creek Winery (Klingerstown, PA)
    • Gold: 2016 Liberty Belle; 2015 Liberty White; 2016 Traminette
    • Bronze: 2016 Berry Blitz; 2016 Benigna’s Tears
  • Buck’s Valley Winery & Vineyard (Newport, PA)
    • Silver: 2015 Vanilla Fe
  • Buddy Boy Winery (Duncannon, PA)
    • Silver: 2015 Four on The Floor; 2015 Niagara; 2016 Trimist
    • Bronze: 2015 Its Just That Simple
  • Calvaresi Winery (Bernville, PA
    • Gold: NV Autum Rose
    • Silver: 2014 Riesling
    • Bronze: NV Baco Noir; 2014 Merlot
  • Chaddsford Winery (Chaddsford, PA)
    • Silver: NV Spiced Apple
    • Bronze: 2015 Saignee a Trois; NV Sunset Blush
  • Conneaut Cellars Winery (Conneaut Lake, PA)
    • Silver: NV Summit Red, NV Ice House Misty Bubbly
    • Bronze: NV Princess Snowater, 2015 Riesling
  • Courtyard Winery (North East, PA)
    • Silver: 2014 Noiret
    • Bronze: NV Mamma Mia Sangria; NV Razzle
  • Flickerwood Wine Cellars (Kane, PA)
    • Gold: 2015 Sweet Angel
    • Silver: 2015 White Tail Country Red; 2015 Kinzua Journey; 2014 Wilderness Red
  • Folino Estate (Kutztown, PA)
    • Bronze: 2016 Chambourcin
  • Franklin Hill Vineyards (Bangor, PA)
    • Gold: 2015 Cask 530
    • Silver: 2015 Potion X; 2015 White Jade
    • Bronze: 2016 Fire; 2015 Midnight Rush
  • Happy Valley Vineyard & Winery (State College, PA)
    • Gold: 2014 Traminette; 2015 Hard Pressed Cider
    • Silver: 2012 Chambourcin
    • Bronze: 2014 Chancellor; 2014 Noiret
  • Heritage Wine Cellars (North East, PA)
    • Gold: 2016 Winter Pear
    • Silver: 2016 Dark Cherry; 2016 Half & Half
    • Bronze: 2015 Heritage Red; 2015 Matt’s Mash; 2016 Bubbling Niagara
  • Juniata Valley Winery (Mifflin, PA)
    • Bronze: 2016 Blueberry Bunting
    • KingView Mead (Pittsburgh, PA)
    • Gold: NV Premium Late Harvest Cider
    • Silver: NV Süb
    • Bronze: NV Blue and Gold; NV Triple Beere
  • Logan’s View Winery (Loganville, PA)
    • Silver: NV Ice Apple Wine
  • Mazza Vineyards (North East, PA)
    • Gold: NV Bare Bones White
    • Silver: 2013 Cabernet Franc; 2015 Carmine
  • Mount Hope Estate & Winery (Manheim, PA)
    • Gold: NV Fusion
    • Bronze: NV Honey Mead
  • Naylor Wine Cellars (Stewartstown, PA)
    • Silver: NV Cherry’s Chocolate Kiss
  • Nimble Hill (Tunkhannock, PA)
    • Silver: 2016 Unoaked Chardonnay; 2015 Gruner Veltliner; 2015 Late Harvest Frontenac Gris
    • Bronze: 2015 Riesling
  • Nissley Vineyards (Bainbridge, PA)
    • Gold: 2016 Vignoles
    • Silver: 2015 Grapeful Red
    • Bronze: 2014 Masquerade; 2015 Holiday Red; 2016 Montmorency Cherry
  • Olivero’s Vineyars (McAllisterville, PA)
    • Gold: 2015 Niagara
    • Silver: 2015 Concord
    • Bronze: 2015 Traminette; 2015 Vidal Blanc
  • Paradocx Vineyards (Landenberg, PA)
    • Bronze: 2015 Pinot Blanc
  • Presque Isle Wine Cellars (North East, PA)
    • Gold: 2013 Cabernet Franc; NV Port; 2015 Falling Waters
    • Silver: NV Blushing Heron; 2015 Reflections of Lake Erie
    • Bronze: NV Freeport Red
  • Seven Mountains Wine Cellars (Spring Mills, PA)
    • Gold: NV General Porter’s Fort
    • Silver: NV Riesling; NV Tickle Pink; NV Spiced Apple
    • Bronze: NV Yellow Jacket; NV Whippoorwill White
  • Shade Mountain Winery (Middleburg, PA)
    • Silver: 2015 Riesling, 2016 Edelweiss
    • Bronze: 2014 Shade Mountain Red
  • Sorrenti’s Cherry Valley Vineyards (Saylorsburg, PA)
    • Silver: NV Raspberry Spunmane
    • Bronze: NV Blackberry Noir; NV Cranberry Blush; NV Blueberry
  • Stone & Key Cellars (Montgomeryville, PA)
    • Bronze: 2014 Ice Apple Cider
  • Stone Mountain Wine Cellars (Pine Grove, PA)
    • Bronze: 2013 Norton; NV Orchard Blush
  • The Vineyard at Hershey (Middletown, PA)
    • Gold: 2014 Merlot
    • Silver: 2015 Twisted Kiss
    • Bronze: 2015 Cocoa Di Vezzetti; 2014 Firefly
  • The Winery at Wilcox (Wilcox, PA)
    • Gold: NV Rasselas Rose; NV Wedding White
    • Silver: NV Clarion River Reds; NV Buck’s Backwoods Brew
    • Bronze: NV Elk Country Red; NV Clarion River Rapids; NV Wintry Nights
  • Thistlethwaite Vineyards (Jefferson, PA)
    • Silver: 2015 Very Berry Good
    • Bronze: 2014 Colonial Red
  • Vynecrest Vineyards & Winery (Breinigsville, PA)
    • Bronze: 2015 Vynecrest White


Pennsylvania Winery Association

Jennifer Eckinger, Executive Director:

Email: [email protected]

Ph: 717-234-1844


Jessie Tettemer, Public Relations:

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Ph: 215-605-8140


Pennsylvania Wine Marketing & Research Board

Mario Mazza, Chair

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Ph: 814-725-8695

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