Eat & Drink Local with PA Preferred

Savory mushrooms from Kennett Square, sustainably raised heirloom pork from Berks County, fresh goat cheese from the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains, spicy chow chow jarred in Lancaster County, and, of course, dry white wines from vineyards on the banks of Lake Erie — all these Pennsylvania products should be on any foodie’s shopping list.

Fortunately, eating and drinking local has never been easier. Just look for the blue-and-yellow PA Preferred® check mark to not only get a taste of the local foodshed but to support a PA business and their community. It’s doing good by eating well.

Sponsored by the state, PA Preferred labeling is an easy way to identify products grown, produced or processed in Pennsylvania. Head to the program’s website for a searchable database of stores and a curated list of recipes.

This initiative extends to PLCB’s Fine Wines and Good Spirits stores. Seek out that checkmark to be sure you’re getting a Pennsylvania vintage. Select shops even feature a “Made in Pennsylvania” section, putting all your favorite Vidal Blancs and Chambourcins — plus in-state spirits like Wigle Whiskey and Blue Coat American Dry Gin — in the same place. (The PLCB also has a page on their website dedicated to PA wines.)

Now that you’re armed with this knowledge, go ahead and put together a stunning state-centric spread. Pair your favorite PA Preferred red with a hearty spaghetti dinner — perhaps linguini from DiSalvo’s in Williamsport or ravioli from Talluto’s in Folcroft, topped with the last tomatoes of the season from your local farmers’ market. Or start your evening with a zippy Chester County white and a wedge of rich, caramel-y gouda from September Farm in Honeybrook or a ball of fresh mozzarella from Caputo Brothers Creamery in Spring Grove.

PA Preferred will also be hosting their Culinary Connection at the PA Farm Show, January 4 – 11, 2020 that you won’t want to miss. The eight-day event series features PA food samples, displays, and cooking demos by your favorite local chefs, media personalities, and special guests.