Pennsylvania Wine School: What is a Niagara?

Need some help comprehending the plethora of exciting Pennsylvania grape varietals? We’re at your service, offering up some information on some of the wine words you need to know.

Varietal: Niagara (pronounced nay-AE-gruh, just like the falls).

Grown: Across Pennsylvania, but particularly in the northwest region.

Similar to: Actually, this varietal has a unique flavor profile unto its own – a fresh white grape taste and lightly sweet finish.

Niagara is a “native grape” (as opposed to a hybrid variety or European import). Created in Niagara County, N.Y. in 1868, the strain was born when C.L. Hoag and B.W. Clark cross-bred Concord grapes with white Cassady grapes. It was first sold commercially in 1882 and has since become the leading grape grown in the United States.

Niagara grapes do not transport well, which means they are usually found close to where they are grown (it’s another reason why most Americans typically encounter Niagara grapes in white grape juice). In northwest Pennsylvania, a 20-mile long, five-mile-wide band of native grapes — including Niagara — thrives along the Lake Erie shoreline. The vines love the cool, dry climate. While some of that fruit ends up in the aforementioned juice, a bunch of it becomes wine.

Those white grape juice flavors carry through to the wine. You can expect aromas of candied lemon and floral jasmine. A medium-bodied white, the tasting notes evoke fresh grapes and tropical fruit, with a moderately acidic finish. The varietal can be made in both a sweet and off-dry style. It has a pure, fruity, long finish.

Pair your favorite Niagara vintage with dishes that blend the sweet and savory — think buttery pastries, tender soufflés or cheesecake. It’s also a lovely mate for briny shellfish, fresh fruit, and interesting cheeses.

Below is a sampling of PA Niagara wines for you to try from all across PA Wine Land. Wines listed below were available as of the date of publication [11/16/17]. Contact the winery directly for current inventory.

Arrowhead Wine Cellars, Dazzling Niagara Sparkling Wine
Presque Isle Wine Cellars, Creekside Niagara

Flickerwood Wine Cellars, Grandview White Niagara
Shade Mountain Winery, Niagara

Pickering Winery, Niagara
Wood Winery, Madison White

Glades Pike Winery, Niagara
Ripepi Winery, Niagara

Nissley Vineyard, Niagara
Olivero’s Vineyard, Niagara

Benigna’s Creek Winery, Niagara
Vynecrest Vineyards & Winery, Niagara

To learn more about other varietals that are grown across PA Wine Land, visit our Wine School library.

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