The Perfect Pairing, Dark Chocolate & Port Wine

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In a holiday season rife with rich desserts, sometimes all you want at the end of a long, luxurious meal is a nibble of fine dark chocolate and something to sip on.

Éclat Chocolate is made by master chocolatier Christopher Curtain out of a storefront in West Chester, PA. He knows what he’s doing: In 2013, Bon Appetit magazine named his chocolate among the best in America. Pick up a bar of the company’s organic dark chocolate — made using 72 percent cacao — and savor its cherry notes and smooth mouthfeel.

A product this good deserves a special companion. How about UnEven Keel Port from Courtyard Wineries in North East, PA? This dry red blend is barrel-aged and fortified with brandy. It’s the perfect nightcap, especially when paired with a cozy chair and a square of chocolate for a delicate dance of bitter and sweet.

Below is a sampling of PA Port wines for you to try: 

Conneaut Cellars Winery, 2011 Forté Venango 

Cullari Vineyards & Winery, Derry Berry

Greendance – The Winery at Sand Hill, Port of Sand Hill 2013

Grovedale Winery & Vineyard, Heritage

Sand Castle Winery, Port

The Winery at Wilcox, Port of Chambourcin

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