PA Wine Pairings

There’s no place like the Pennsylvania Farm Show to get a taste of what makes our state great (and delicious). This sampling of seasonal pairings from Pennsylvania Wines celebrates local fare and will have your PA Pride at an all-time high.

Rosé + Local Cheese
featuring Penns Woods White Merlot and The Farm at Doe Run’s Seven Sisters

Penns Woods White Merlot has the soul of a full red with the body of a light white. This light, dry rosé is a refreshing complement to The Farm at Doe Run’s Seven Sisters cheese, described as a cross between Alpine and Gouda. It is aged in stone caves located below the dairy farm in Coatesville, PA. Roses and blushes will be available for sampling and purchase at the Farm Show from a variety of wineries.

Moscato + Cantaloupe
featuring Mazza Vineyards Bare Bones Moscato and locally grown cantaloupe

If you thought that Pennsylvania cantaloupe couldn’t get any better, try it with a drizzle of olive oil, a sprinkle of salt – and Mazza Vineyards’ Bare Bones Moscato. Fruity on the nose, this wine has crisp notes that enhance the juicy, ripe cantaloupe dressed in silky olive oil and kissed with sea salt for an extra touch of sweetness. Salt makes it sweeter? Trust us; you’ll go back for seconds (and thirds).

Port Wine + Dark Chocolate
featuring Courtyard Wineries UnEven Keel Port and Éclat Dark Chocolate

In 2013, Bon Appetit named Éclat Chocolate among the best chocolate in America. Pick up a bar of their organic dark chocolate, made using 72 percent cacao, and savor its cherry notes and smooth mouthfeel. A product this good deserves a very special companion – like UnEven Keel Port from Courtyard Wineries in North East, PA. This dry red blend is barrel-aged and fortified with brandy. The combination makes for a decadent nightcap that balances bitter and sweet.

The wineries featured above are some of the many wineries that will be in attendance at the Farm Show.

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