Ice Wine Baby: Shake up the season with this creative cocktail

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Breathe a sigh of relief. Just let it out. The holidays are over, the fancy plates are put away, and your beloved family has headed home. Now it’s time to treat yourself — and maybe your significant other, if they’re lucky — to an elegant winter cocktail.

This tantalizing treat is the perfect thing to enjoy in a quiet house at the end of a long day (or week). Blend green grapes with your favorite Pennsylvania ice wine (a sweet, balanced style of dessert wine made from grapes frozen on the vine). Then, strain into a cocktail shaker with 2 oz of vodka. Shake, pour and serve with a grape garnish. It’s serenity in a glass.

Ice wine harvests are dependent on the weather and therefore there are very limited batches produced. If you can’t get your hands on some true ice wine, buy some of PA’s late harvest Riesling as a close alternative. Visit to find PA ice wine and late harvest Riesling. 

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