Coming Attractions: Perfect Pairings for Your Favorite Chick Flick

Nothing goes better with a classic rom-com than a well-selected glass of wine. Take any opportunity to unwind, pop the cork, and watch the guy get the girl.

Clueless + Pinot Noir

As if you could enjoy this ’90s classic without a glass of wine — after all, you’re not a teenager anymore. Our recommendation: A nice Pennsylvania Pinot Noir, a grape that’s popular in the film’s California environs. Just don’t indulge too much, or you might end up kissing your (former) stepbrother.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s + Sparkling PA Wine

Celebrate this American classic with Holly Golightly’s favorite cocktail: a mimosa, made with a sparkling PA wine. We recommend a sparkling Cayuga or Riesling, extra points for donning a strand of pearls.

You’ve Got Mail + Niagara

The native grape Niagara is famous for its “foxy” aroma, the perfect tribute to Joe Fox, Tom Hanks’ lovable capitalist from this Nora Ephron gem. Serve some caviar, too  — but only as a garnish.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before + Merlot

Sometimes the most popular guy in school has hidden depths. The same is true for Merlot, a BMOC wine with easy-going charm and surprising complexity. Maybe you’ll be inspired to write a love letter of your own.

The Princess Bride + Cabernet Franc

Looking for a bold, aromatic wine to pair with this wily, meta-comedy/fantasy mashup? As you wish. A couple of glasses of Cab Franc should help you survive a sword fight, a battle of wits, and the fire swamp without ending up “mostly dead.” Could this movie be any better? Inconceivable!

Mean Girls + Rosé

On Wednesdays, we drink pink and raise a glass to the fact that we never again have to navigate the wilderness of teen girldom. Add in a toast to Tina Fey, a native Pennsylvanian, who wrote this sharp comedy.

Pretty Woman + Chardonnay

Leaving this rags-to-riches rom com off the list would have been a Big Mistake. Huge. If you’re hoping to keep your escargot on the plate — and not flying through the air — make sure you have a firm grip and a glass of Chardonnay on hand. The varietal pairs beautifully with the herbaceous kick of this French classic.

Titanic + Ice Wine

Not exactly a rom com, but an iconic film nonetheless. Never let go of your glass of ice wine — its sweet, complex flavor (the product of allowing grapes to freeze on the vine before processing) recalls the luxe grandeur of a chilly trip across the Atlantic. Plus, it opens the door to an evening of iceberg jokes.

Legally Blonde + Riesling

A chic, blonde varietal is a must-have when screening this whip-smart comedic concoction. We are also contractually obligated to make a Reese/Riesling pun. Don’t sue.

Bridget Jones’s Diary + Any PA Wine

Be like Bridget, and don’t get too fussy about the varietal. Just be sure to record the number of alcohol units in your diary and crank up the Chaka Khan.

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