The new Pennsylvania Wines Guide is here!

Whether you’re a Pennsylvania wines newbie or someone who spends your weekends crisscrossing the state to visit local vineyards, the new Pennsylvania Wines Guide was created to help you make the most of your PA Wine Land experience.

Once you have this guide in your hands, your first stop should be the rundown of the varietals grown here in the Keystone State, from the sweet and dry, to the Native and European. Need a quick primer on Catawba? A couple tasting notes for Grüner Veltliner? This tool will prepare you for any tasting.

Of course, certain regions of the state shine when it comes to particular grapes. We’ve got a quick run-down on the growing conditions across Pennsylvania. You’ll see why vinifera varietals grow so well in the SouthEast (if you need a brushing up on what exactly makes a grape vinifera, we’ve got that too), how the winds of Lake Erie nurture native grapes, and why the wines of Northern Europe fare so well in the state’s valleys and mountains.

Now that you’ve got the knowledge, plan your next winery visit (or three) by checking out the expanded map — featuring 59 new wineries since the last printing — or learning about more than a dozen wine trails across the state.

Lastly, we’ve devoted a special section of the Wine Guide to add your own content: Jot down tasting notes, beloved vintages, or the date of an upcoming event. And speaking of content – don’t forget to add the hashtag, #PAWineLand, to any pictures you may post while touring the state.

With your input, the new guide can continue to evolve as your palette does and become an essential companion on any adventure you take, whether it’s an extended road trip or a 20-minute drive down the road to a local vineyard. Just remember, if you’re in Pennsylvania, you’re never more than one hour from a winery.

To view the online e-book version of our new and improved wine guide, click here.

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