Wing & a Pair: Pairing your favorite chicken wing dish with PA Wines

We could open with a couple of lines about how we’re coming up on chicken wing season, but let’s get real: Every season is wing season.

Whether you’re charring them on the grill, ordering them at your favorite bar during a football game, or cooking up some delectable dry-rubbed drums and flats in the oven to raise your spirits during the dead of winter, wings are there to make you happy. But while this iconic American food has evolved over the years — making way for exciting flavors and innovative cooking techniques — the cliche of serving them with beer hasn’t budged. Until now! We’ve paired some high-flying dishes with fantastic Pennsylvania wine varieties and a sampling of PA wines for you to try. It’s a match made in heaven.

Buffalo Wings + Vidal Blanc

The fiery pop of this American classic — seriously, the simple combination of hot sauce and butter is a gift to the world — screams out for a fruity, off-dry white like Vidal Blanc. The subtle sweetness will tame the dish’s spiciness, while its high acidity boosts that signature vinegar tang.

BBQ Wings + Pinot Noir

The delicate fruit flavor of Pinot Noir won’t overpower the sweet-and-salty magic of this summer classic. But it’s not enough to just avoid stepping on your snack’s toes: The earthiness of this elegant, light red will accentuate the smoky flavors of BBQ sauce.

Soy Garlic Wings + Riesling

Speaking of salty and sweet, pair the saline pop of an Asian marinade with a semi-sweet Pennsylvania Riesling. This German varietal often results in aromatic white. The interplay with have your taste buds popping.

Habanero Wings + Catawba

Down a couple of habanero wings — dressed in a sauce starring this intense, fruity, hot chili — and you’ll be calling out for a glass of smooth, sweet Catawba to cool you down. This native grape exudes mild berry flavors and fresh fruit notes, and can also be made into delightful sparkling wines. Sounds like a party.

Lemon Pepper Wings + Cab Franc

Cabernet Franc is an increasingly popular varietal in PA, and one of its calling cards is a peppery, herbaceous profile. Play up that quality by serving a bottle of this balanced, savory red alongside Lemon Pepper wings.

Garlic Parmesan Wings + Pinot Grigio

Garlic and parmesan are two classic Italian flavors, so it makes sense that a crisp, light Pinot Grigio would meld beautifully with the bite of the garlic and the rich umami of the aged cheese.

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