PA Wine Land Grocery Pairings: Traminette

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Traminette is an American-born hybrid white grape, famous for its versatility. Expect spicy and floral aromas, and notes of lychee, apricot, and honey. Picking up a bottle at the grocery store?  Be sure to grab some tasty treats to pair with a cold glass or two.

If you’ve got a particularly dry Traminette, earthy items will be the ideal counterpoint to its brightness: think portobello mushrooms, ravioli stuffed with creamy cheese, or a pack of your favorite pork sausages. If you’ve picked up an off-dry vintage, seek out something a little funkier — an aged sheep’s milk cheese like Manchego — or spicier, such as ingredients for a shrimp stir fry or a side of brisket for taco night.

Fortunately, this wine is a switch-hitter, and can also be served for dessert, complicating the sweetness of a sugar cookie or a slice of ripe watermelon.

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