Catch of the Day: Get creative when pairing wine with seafood

It’s time to think beyond the red-with-meat, white-with-fish paradigm. Pairing wine with seafood is actually a much more flexible — and fun! — project. Check out this list of delectable entrees and our wine suggestions, and prepare to be surprised: There are a couple of red varieties in the mix.

Honey Ginger Glazed Salmon + Gewürztraminer

Topping salmon with a sweet-and-savory sauce will emphasize the exotic floral aromas of an off-dry Pennsylvania Gewürztraminer. This wine variety is always a perfect partner to intense flavors, as its subtle sweetness provides zip and balance.

Shrimp and Grits + Chardonnay

Take shrimp and grits to the next level with cubes of crisp, savory bacon and a glug of fresh cream, then pull the cork on a bottle of dry, barrel-aged PA Chardonnay. The wine’s buttery, oaky overtones will complement the richness of the dish.

Scallop Risotto + Albariño

The refreshing citrus bite of a PA Albariño provides a crisp counterpoint to the creamy salinity of scallop risotto. As an added bonus, the bone-dry white will highlight the subtle sweetness of this luxurious bivalve.

Lobster Stuffed Mushrooms + Noiret

A seafood dish this earthy calls for a red wine. A PA Noiret is an inspired choice — the peppery notes exuded by the hybrid grape will spice up a dinner bursting with savory, buttery goodness.

Thai Cod Green Curry + Pinot Noir

Spicy and vegetal, a supper of Thai curry demands a fruit-forward wine to smooth out both its acidic pop and its coconut-milk creaminess. Try a low-tannin, PA Pinot Noir to quench your thirst.

Garlic Clams with Linguini + Steuben

Looking for huge seafood flavor? You can’t go wrong with this Italian classic. From the briny clams to the punchy garlic, this is a powerhouse dish that demands a dynamic wine. A PA Steuben is up to the challenge, complementing the deep, savory, saline flavors of the pasta with its sweet-and-spicy profile.

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