VIDEO: Meet the Winemaker with the Wilson Brothers of Wayvine Winery

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Zach and James Wilson, the brothers behind Wayvine Winery & Vineyard in Chester County, are a part of the next generation of Pennsylvania wine.

The duo looks like they’d be just as at home at a surf shop as in a tasting room, but they’re proving themselves by producing gorgeous wines. Their secret? A meticulous, by-hand process and carefully selected European varietals.

“We are obsessed with growing the best grapes and keeping our vineyard maintained to the utmost standards,” says James. “From there, we try to allow the grapes to do the work, keeping the winemaking as natural as possible, with little-to-no additives and limited filtering of the wines.”

Check out this video to learn more about the Wilson brothers and to get a peek at their 12,000 vines.

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