Gift Guide: The right wine for the right host

Holiday party season is upon us, and everyone knows it’s best not to arrive empty-handed. Wine is a no-brainer gift — the host can pop the cork to liven up the shindig or if the bottle looks too good to share, tuck it into their wine rack for later.

But which wine? Choose something from Pennsylvania to intrigue and excite, whether you’re looking to convert someone to the charms of drinking local or catering to a passionate PA wine lover. Use our guide to discover the perfect Pennsylvania wine gift that pairs with your host’s personality.

The Free-Spirited Host: Gewürztraminer

When choosing a bottle for a free-spirited host, use your imagination. Inspired by their eclectic soirees, push the boundaries and experiment with new flavors. Gewürztraminer, one of Pennsylvania’s more exotic grape varieties, is a unique white that boasts strong aromas of wildflowers and tropical fruits. This lively wine makes the perfect companion to almost any dish — or guest — that might make an appearance at one of these quirky affairs.

The Frantic Host: Cayuga

With so many things to coordinate — what to cook, who to invite, where to seat everyone — it’s no wonder that your host feels overwhelmed. Give them one less thing to think about by bringing a high quality, reliable white like Cayuga. Found all across the state and known as the workhorse of Pennsylvania wines, this dynamic grape can be made into dry, sweet, and sparkling styles. Feeling generous? Bring all three to make the evening, and host, feel a little more mellow.

The Type-A Host: Cabernet Franc

If you’re gifting wine for the Type-A host, it has to be special. They started planning this event months in advance to ensure that nothing is less than perfect, so choose a luxurious wine like Pennsylvanian Cabernet Franc, aged in oak barrels. With perfectly balanced tannins and medium acidity, this spicy red pairs well with everything from a roast of wild game to a decadent cheeseboard, ensuring its place at the table.

The Laid-Back Host: Chambourcin

Easygoing and open to almost anything, this host favors flexibility over precision. So why not gift a wine that can be enjoyed with a wide variety of dishes and a wide variety of people? A versatile red, Chambourcin can be paired with steak, pizza, pasta, or even chocolate, making it a crowd-pleaser at a casual get-together.

The First-Time Host: Chardonnay

Rather than spend big on a bottle for a first-time host, opt for a wine that is as tasty as it is approachable. Pennsylvania Chardonnay, a refined white wine with hints of vanilla and caramel, closely reassembles its European counterpart. Grown all across PA, it’s accessibility makes this wine a perfect thank you gift for the newbie host.

Regardless of the host, you can never go wrong bringing your favorite bottle of PA wine. Click here to find wineries near you.

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