Forbes Profiles PA Wines in a Four-Part Series

Cathy Huyghe, an entrepreneur and journalist in the wine tech space, writes about the past, present, and future of Pennsylvania wine in a four-part mini-series for Forbes.

The series covers a broader view of Pennsylvania’s present-day wine scene and highlights the past experience and future potential of the next generation. Huyghe takes a close look at the rich history of PA Wine Land, the industry’s lineage, and the next generation of Pennsylvania wine.

Click the links below to read the two-part mini-series:

Descendent. Farmer. Grower. Winemaker. Is This The Promising Lineage For Pennsylvania Wine?

Pennsylvania Wine 2.0: The View From The Next Generation

How To Grow Grapes And Make Wine In Pennsylvania, From The Ground Up

Pennsylvania Wine For The Win: A Gut Check On Challenges And Hopes