Five Reasons to Buy Direct From Your Favorite Winery

These days, there are more ways than ever to buy Pennsylvania wines — from local grocery stores and Fine Wine & Good Spirits locations, online, or at restaurants and bars. That said, there are still a host of reasons to get your bottles directly at a PA winery.

Listed below are a few very practical upsides, but here’s the best argument of all: bringing some joy to your day. Say goodbye to an errand and hello to an activity. Turn buying a gift for someone else into a small gift to yourself. Snatch a special moment. You won’t regret it.

1. Taste before you buy

The best thing about shopping for wine at a winery is the ability to sample your investment. At the store, you can look for grape varietals that you like, compare labels, or even ask the clerk, but at a winery, you can actually sample their offerings. That means you can be 100 percent sure that you love what you paid for. Even better: You might discover something new — a fresh style, obscure grape or latest vintage.

2. Become a regular

Another upside to making regular trips to your favorite local winery is developing a relationship with the people who work there. Introduce yourself to the tasting room manager or owner. Tell them what kind of wines you tend to like. Ask them to call you when a new vintage becomes available or a beloved wine is about to sell out. Hear first about events with the winemaker or seasonal parties. It’s a marvelous way to build community.

3. More of your dollars go straight to a local small business

For many of us, one advantage of drinking PA wines is supporting local entrepreneurs. When you buy straight from a winery or one of their direct-sales locations, all those dollars spent on tastings, snacks, souvenirs, and bottles go directly to the establishment.

4. Buy in bulk

When you head to a PA winery, stock up on your favorite vintages before they sell out for good. Taste something that would wow at a summer barbecue? Grab a case and stow it away. It’s an investment in future happiness.

5. Be rewarded

Many wineries will thank you for your loyalty with wine club memberships, seasonal promotions, or other specials. Make a plan to visit a winery near you. Use our Find Wineries map to get started.