Mother’s Day: Ways to Show Your Love This Year

This will be a Mother’s Day unlike any other. While some will be prevented from celebrating in person, others will be rolling into the holiday having spent weeks rarely more than a room away from their parents. It’s all the more reason to put in extra planning, voice your appreciation, and make Mother’s Day 2020 extra special for the moms (and mother figures) in your life.

Below are a couple suggestions for celebrating. Just keep in mind that no matter what route you choose, the thing your mom really wants is to hear how much you care. A nice note goes a long way.

“Share” a bottle of wine

Recreate the experience of bonding over a glass or two of wine by calling up your favorite PA winery (or visiting their website) and shipping identical bottles of wine to both yourself and your mom. Launch your favorite video chatting app, pop the cork in unison, and compare tasting notes. It’s a great way to have a shared experience at a distance. Don’t forget to include that nice note.

Sign mom up for a wine club

Then there is the gift that keeps on giving. Treat mom to a wine club membership at her (or your) favorite local winery. Perks often include free tastings, invites to special events, and regular shipments or pickup of hand-selected vintages. Let mom in on her new exclusive status in the text of…you guessed it…a nice note.

Send her a meal, paired with a PA wine

Most of us are cooking from home more than ever, so mom might appreciate a break. Order a to-go meal from a local restaurant — or, if that’s not a possibility, mail a package of gourmet pasta, sauce, nuts, and cheeses — and make sure she has a perfectly paired bottle of PA wine on hand. (Need help picking a bottle? Check out Pennsylvania Wine School to learn more about local varietals; the staff at a winery will also be happy to talk you through it.) Make sure the delivery arrives with a nice note!

Create an itinerary that you can share in the future

This one takes a little bit of imagination. Sit down and write out your perfect day with mom. A long morning walk, a leisurely lunch, afternoon at a winery. Paint a picture with your words, then turn your itinerary into a voucher that can be redeemed in the future. If you want to go a step further towards making this dream a reality, include gift certificates to the promised restaurants, spas, or tasting rooms. What greater gift is there than something to look forward to? This gift is pretty much just a souped-up nice note — what could be better?

Take mom on an at-home date

This one’s for the self-isolating-at-home-with-parents among us. Choose a place in your house that you rarely use. It could be a patio, or a guest room or, hey, even the formal dining room. Set up your own tasting bar where you can pour tastes of different PA wines. Just don’t skimp on the snacks. Tell your mom to meet you there at an appointed time. Tent a nice note in front of your spread. It’s sure to bring laughter and variety to your household.