Photo Upload: Picturesque Outdoor Spaces Across PA Wine Land


Pennsylvania Wine Land boasts acres and acres (and acres and acres) of scenic outdoor spaces. The PWA will be featuring a gallery of your picturesque patios, lovely lawns, and stunning seating on The PA Wine Land Post. The gallery will reach more than 50,000 PA Wines followers and subscribers.

To be included, fill out the form below and submit your photo by March 19, 2021. Please note that your photo should:

• Be high resolution (at least 150 dpi, preferably 300 dpi)
• Be current (a reflection of what a visitor could expect TODAY)
• Be yours to share (you have complete ownership of both the photo AND usage rights for any people included in the image)
• Be focused on your winery rather than a product (however, wine can certainly be in the frame)

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