Pair Your Night of Binge-worthy TV with PA wines


We’ve already had a lot of fun pairing movies with PA wines, so now we’re moving on to the small screen! Add a plot twist to your evening by trying something new, whether it’s a fresh genre or unexpected grape varietal. We’ve got some suggestions for your next binge-able TV show — make a bottle of local vino your special guest star.

Friday Night Lights

Tami Taylor is one of television’s all-time white wine drinkers (her penchant was even parodied by Inside Amy Schumer). When settling in for an evening in Dillon, Texas, choose something the coach’s wife would approve of — something crisp, drinkable, and unpretentious. We suggest Vidal Blanc: Clear eyes, full glass, can’t lose.


Speaking of TV ladies who love a glass of wine! Olivia Pope’s dark, twisted world of intrigue moves so fast that you’ll need to pause for a refill lest you miss a major twist. Taking inspiration from the master crisis manager herself, put on your best slouchy cashmere, grab the largest goblet glass you have, fill a bowl with a disturbing amount of popcorn, and curl up on your humongous white sectional. If your life isn’t quite that glam, then just stick with the dramatic glass, and fill it with an inky, complex, beguiling wine such as Petit Verdot.

Foodie Love

This Spanish import (available via HBO) follows two people as they meet, date, eat, drink, and try to figure each other out. Each episode is centered around a meal or food-centric escapade, and the creative minds behind the show clearly love this stuff — from single-origin coffee to ramen to gelato — just as much as their protagonists. While listening to the duo converse in rapid-fire, melodic Spanish, sip on a Spanish wine that also happens to thrive in Pennsylvania. Albariño is a stony, refreshing white as transportive as this show.

The Sopranos

Raise a glass to one of the greatest television shows of all time! Plus, a glass or two will help blunt the shock of all those twists and betrayals. Teroldego is the Tony Soprano of wine — it’s a grape with Italian roots that’s found a home on the East Coast. Plus, it’s hefty and bold.


Sometimes all you need in order to feel cozy and comfortable is to watch other people struggle mightily in the middle of the wilderness. This History Channel show (season six, set in the Arctic, is on Netflix) follows ten people as they compete to see who can survive the longest alone in nature. The last one standing gets $500,000. Meanwhile, you get a warm blanket, a hot meal, and a delicious glass of wine. Choose something smooth and luxurious — Merlot is a great choice with its strong berry notes and gentle tannins.

The Office

The Office is probably the most famous show to ever be set in PA, with its spot-on references to Lake Wallenpaupack, Cooper’s Seafood, and the local Anthracite Heritage Museum. Use the Scranton location as inspiration for your wine choice, selecting something that thrives in the cooler, wetter climes of Northeastern PA. Riesling is a strong choice — its acidic bite is just as zippy as the non-stop jokes.

The Great British Baking Show

Hook this electronic comfort food directly to my veins! Watch as a diverse bunch of British people cook up pies, cakes, breads, biscuits (that’s cookies in U.K.-speak). They compete, but they also support each other — it’s just so darn polite! Pair this parade of baked goods and desserts with a Port-style wine made in Pennsylvania. The sweetness will satisfy your show-inspired cravings while the boozy edge will help you survive your favorite baker being sent home.

What are you watching (and sipping)? Let us know in the comments!

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