PA Wines Inspired by your Childhood Ice Cream Truck Order


Earlier this summer, a meme whipped around the internet. It featured a compilation image of nostalgia-inducing frozen treats and the simple question, “What are you ordering from the ice cream truck?”. The hearty debate that ensued shows just how deeply those childhood preferences embed themselves in our hearts and minds.

For a bit of fun, we decided to take the game in a more adult direction, pairing some of our favorite novelties with Pennsylvania wines. Now that sounds like the happiest hour.

Two chocolate chip cookies sandwiched around a thick layer of vanilla ice cream — who could complain about that? Elevate your handheld bit of awesomeness with a pour of Pennsylvania Port-style wine, another splurge that tastes divine when enjoyed at the end of a long evening.

Also known as Bomb Pops, these red-white-and-blue treats are a summertime classic. Something so sweet and cold calls out for something, well, sweet and cold. Grab a bottle of fruity Niagara and let its grape-y pop blast off.

Ordering this vintage novelty always felt like you were getting away with something — you got to devour the sherbet-y popsicle part, and follow it up with the central gumball. It’s a dessert within a dessert. Bonus! Tap into that spirit with a wine that does double duty. Sparkling rosé made from Pinot Noir is pink and fruity, while also being bubbly and dramatic. Bonus!

Is there a prettier confection out there than this iconic ice cream pop studded with colorful jewels of cake-like crumble? Instagram was pretty much invented so you could take a picture of your Strawberry Shortcake alongside an equally pink wine. Choose a blush style — we suggest White Merlot — with plenty of berry notes to help amp up the flavor.

Are the cookie-crusted fingertips that inevitably result from eating an ice cream sandwich a feature or a bug? We can’t make that call for you, but we can suggest you might enjoy an off-dry red wine such as Baco Noir — the color is inky and beguiling, while the backbone of dark fruits is timeless. Sound familiar?

Sometimes simplicity is bliss, and that’s certainly the case with this enticing treat. Cold, sweet, and tart, a cup of lemon-flavored Italian ice (or “wooder ice” if you happen to be in the southeastern corner of the state) is sure to cool you down from the inside. Choose a wine with megawatt citrus notes such as Grüner Veltliner.

Plenty of folks go nuts — see what we did there? — for this whimsical combination of waffle cone, ice cream, chocolate, and peanuts. The subtle savory quality of that last element is what takes this dessert to the next level. It’s the same situation with Vignoles, a white wine on the sweeter side that is often upgraded via a bit of oak aging. It’s a great way to get the fiesta started.