PA Wine Food Truck Pairings


Wineries across Pennsylvania often welcome food trucks onto their properties. It’s a win for everyone involved: the mobile eateries sell their fare to a captive population of hungry wine drinkers, the wineries (especially those without their own kitchens) give folks a reason to stick around, enjoying their beautiful outdoor spaces, and visitors get to sample exciting food alongside their local wines.

Check with your favorite local winery to see if they welcome food trucks and add a truck-friendly winery to your next weekend travel itinerary. In the meantime, read up on our guide of food-truck favorites paired with PA wines to prepare for your next visit:

Pepperoni Pizza with Pinot Noir

If you’re lucky enough to encounter a wood-fired pizza truck in the wild, well, you’re lucky enough. Thanks to incredible feats of engineering, a real pizza oven (and all the fuel the proprietors need to heat it to blistering temperatures) can be hauled behind a traditional rig. Pair your made-to-order pie with Pinot Noir, the classic “pizza wine.” Light and fruity — but balanced by a backbone of earthiness — this varietal is easy to drink and easier to love.

Pierogies with Gewürztraminer

This Polish comfort food is one of the underrated official dishes of the state, especially in the southwest. Traditionally, the tender pockets of potato, sauerkraut, or farmer’s cheese are topped with melted onion and served pan-seared or steamed. We wouldn’t be surprised if there are some pierogi maestros out there getting creative with fillings, but we can’t get enough of the classics. You’ll want to order an acidic wine with plenty of bright aromatics to contrast with the richness of your meal. Gewürztraminer hits both those notes and also boasts a bit of sweetness to accentuate the essential onions.

BBQ with Saperavi

Smoked meats and classic sides are another food truck staple. Whether you go for the ribs, the brisket, the chicken wings, or the pulled pork (or all of the above — you are off the clock after all), ask the tasting room staff for a wine that plays well with smokiness. Saperavi, a varietal native to the Republic of Georgia, is an exciting, off-beat choice. The dry, tannic red typically showcases flavors of cherry, spice, smoke, and leather. It will pair just as well with the baked beans and mac-and-cheese as it will with the meat.

Tacos with a Wine Slushie

“Taco truck” is a genre unto itself. Some menus boast classic preparations such as al pastor and carnitas, while others embrace fusion with creations such as Korean short-rib with kimchi or fish tacos with sriracha slaw. Either way, there will be some common denominators: spice, acid, and richness (whether it comes from crema, avocado, or a delectably fatty cut of meat). All those elements will get your tastebuds firing and the perfect way to keep the party going is with a wine slushie. These warm-weather concoctions have become incredibly popular across PA Wine Land, and it’s no surprise thanks to their magical synthesis of icy refreshment, sweetness, and boozy pop.

Cupcakes with Pink Catawba

Not all food trucks traffic in the savory. If you encounter a cupcake truck, get ready to make a major decision. Red velvet? Double chocolate? Tiramisu? Strawberry shortcake? Classic vanilla? Peanut butter? No matter what flavor direction you go in, you’ll want to order a wine with plenty of sweetness to stand up to all that cake and icing. (PA sommelier Scott Zoccolilo has more tips for selecting wine to go with dessert in this Local Pairings video.)  Pink Catawba, with its fresh berry notes, fits the bill, and the delightful color will complete your dessert tableau. Snap a pic!