How to Get the Most Out of Your Wine Tour


Wineries & vineyards now have more to think about than just crafting the right bottle. They have to craft an experience. They have to manifest their wine’s origins into every aspect of their establishment. The lighting, music, mood, flavors, landscape, and more are used to craft a multi-sensory experience for wine tourists. But it’s not just up to the vineyards and wineries to make your wine tour unforgettable, it’s up to you as well.

Do Your Research

The beauty of wine travel is that it’s a hobby shared by passionate individuals. Many who appreciate a tasting or frequent their local wineries are likely going to write about their experiences. If you’re putting together your own route for a wine tour, try to find reviews for the stops on your route. If you’re going with a tour organized by a tour company, read up on their reviews as well. If you’re looking forward to a summer day touring vineyards and leaning back in patio chairs, you’ll want to make sure the stops you have lined up specialize in outdoor comforts. The last thing you want is a route that doesn’t meet your goals.

A wine tour is about tasting and experimenting, but ultimately about finding a new drink you’ll love. So make sure the wineries you’ve chosen are in line with your taste as well. If your choice of wine typically lies in light, acidic glasses, maybe don’t visit the winery that specializes in Port styles or Syrah. Having said that, remember the tour is about finding a new drink you’ll love. It’s really about striking a careful balance. You want to satisfy your palate with flavors you love, while also expanding your horizons with flavors you’ve yet to experience.

Make Sure Your Wineries Fit Your Group

Wine tours are a great activity for groups, families, friends, and more. But since you’ll be visiting a series of locations, you want to make sure each of those stops is ready to accommodate your crew. If you have dogs with you, make sure they’re welcome. Find out if reservations are required, especially if you have a large group. Will there be food available in the event you have children along?

Dress for the Occasion

Wine tasting is the perfect activity for a night out with friends, so you might be inclined to dress up. But it’s also important to consider how much walking you’ll be doing on your tour. Once again, consider your route. Will you be walking through multiple vineyards? If so, is it during their rainy season? Or will you be mostly indoors or city walking? All of these factors will affect your choice of dress. No matter what, it’s wise to wear comfortable shoes.

Ask Questions

Now is your chance. As a wine lover, you want to understand what produces the taste you adore. This is what enables you to fine tune your palate and discover more bottles you’ll love. So take the opportunity to get your questions out. On your tour, you’ll have the right people at your fingertips to answer those questions. Talk to the staff about tasting temperature, the fermentation process, the growing process, grape varieties, and more. Encourage your friends to do the same. You’ll enjoy picking up the winemaking knowledge they draw out as well.

Plan Your Wine Tour in PA

Wine trails are designed to give you a richly textured wine experience, featuring the different growing conditions throughout the state. Plan your perfect tour today with our all-encompassing list of Wineries in Pennsylvania or our online trail map. For specific questions or inquiries, reach out to the wineries directly. Happy tasting!

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