The Perfect Weeknight Wines & How to Pair Them


For most of us, weeknights are not about three-course meals and a vintage Brunello. No, weeknights are about feeling well-rested and nourished for the next morning. That means one-pot dinners, loungewear, and an episode or two of Friends. But that doesn’t have to mean cutting out the stress relief and calming effect a glass of wine provides you.

Your criteria for wine on a Tuesday night is going to be different than that of a dimly lit Saturday evening dinner. You’re looking for something you can sip while stirring the pot, tasting, seasoning, and simmering. You’re looking for a bottle that you don’t mind leaving unfinished. You want to feel relaxed and refreshed when your 6 AM alarm goes off the following morning. And you want it to pair well with your 20-minute dinner.

Here’s what the experts recommend.

Albariño (Alvarinho)

Crisp, acidic, and refreshing. Albariño wine is a coaster white known for its rich, zesty, and fruity essence. Albariño brings a taste of the sand & sea with it, through a subtle saltiness. This wine comes from the sound of gently crashing waves, and we prefer to let a bottle shine in its environment. Pair your Albariño with a simple, lemony grilled mahi-mahi alongside a spread of smoky grilled vegetables. Or accompanied by a plate of fresh, herbaceous shrimp tacos. The Albariño shines alongside its oceanic counterparts.

Mourvedre (Monastrell)

Now for the other end of the spectrum—Mourvedre offers a full-bodied, dark, and spicy flavor. While rich and intense, Mourvedre sits so comfortably alongside a hearty stew or slow-cooked meal. The high-tannin glass will greet your senses with a wave of dark fruits and a flowery essence. The meaty (and sometimes gamey) flavor of Mourvedre is a favorite alongside a surprisingly quick plate of braised white beans & Greek lamb cutlets. If you’d rather use up what you have in the freezer, opt for a simple and savory slow-cooked beef stew.

Sauvignon Blanc

One of the most popular wines on the East Coast, a crisp Sauvignon Blanc is an undeniably perfect choice for your midweek glass. A bottle of Sauvignon Blanc welcomes you with light fruity flavors such as honeydew, gooseberry, and white peach. Its high acidity and low tannin content leave you feeling bright & refreshed. For those abstaining from midweek drinking for dietary reasons, you’ll be happy to hear that a glass of Sauvignon Blanc adds only 115 calories and carries a surprisingly low amount of sugar. We recommend serving alongside a salty chicken caesar salad or pan-roasted chicken & vegetables.

Best Wines for Weeknight Sipping

Not one of these varieties needs to break the bank. You won’t have to walk far to find a refreshing Albariño, Mourvedre, or Sauvignon Blanc for under $30. If you’re in Pennsylvania, you won’t even have to step out of your front door for your next bottle. Wineries across Pennsylvania are shipping wine directly from them to you. Get your favorite local wine delivered right to your doorstep.

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