It’s Wedding Season: Here Are the Best Wine Gifts


According to The New York Times, you can expect around 2.5 million couples in the U.S. to tie the knot this year. Now, we’re wine lovers, not statisticians—but that number tells us it’s highly likely that you either have or will be attending a wedding in 2022. That means shopping for the perfect wedding gift.

Wine gifts are a classy, timeless choice for couples young or old. But they can be difficult to nail down. Avid wine lovers tend to know exactly what they have a taste for, will the bottle you chose fit their palate? On the other hand, inexperienced wine drinkers might not see the use for the handmade wine stopper set you picked out. Nonetheless, wine gifts are not something to pass over. We’ve pulled together the gifts that stand effortlessly on their own or pair perfectly with your bottle of choice. What are the best wine wedding gifts in 2022? Read on.

Best Wine Gifts in 2022

1. Wine Carafe

Choosing the perfect wine gift for any couple means it has to have versatility. Even if you know for a fact the bride loves a bottle, you’re looking for a gift that suits the couple. An eye-catching wine carafe or decanter is the perfect in between. If you’re gifting it to a wine-loving couple, they’ll know exactly how to 


use it. Say wine is not a passion of theirs, we can promise you a stunning decanter won’t just end up shoved in a closet. A well-made decanter is made to properly aerate the wine and offer an incomparably smooth pour. It elevates your drink and the aesthetic of your dinner table. It’s the perfect gift alongside an easy-to-love Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. But it brings with it an endless amount of non-wine related uses.

2. Coupe Glasses

Once again, versatility. A well-made coupe glass provides the perfect amount of breathing room for a glass of champagne. It also provides an eye-catching home for a daiquiri, martini, or the couple’s cocktail of choice. 


Coupe glasses are about serving “up”—this means shaken or stirred, and served with no ice. They also make for a stunning display when serving 

chocolate dipped desserts or artisanal gelato. Classic, timeless, and endlessly useful.

3. Coffee Table Wine Knowledge

Now for an undrinkable, unbreakable wine gift. The wine gift for the sophisticated couple and those looking for a stimulating read. It’s the gift they’ll pick up passing through the living room in the evening, it’s the gift they’ll reference the next time they pick up a new wine. Whether it’s about crafting the perfect toast, planning the perfect wine trip, or understanding what’s in your glass, a coffee table read will not go unappreciated. Those with an abundance of wine knowledge love to share it. Find the book that suits your friends and the feel of their home.

Finding the Perfect Wedding Gift

Wine is not for everyone, but we believe it can be. The vast array of wine, wineries, and vineyards across the U.S. today is astounding. We believe it’s just about finding the one that suits you. An individual submerging themselves in the wine world today is not limited to grapes either. In Pennsylvania, skilled Winemakers are crafting delicate dry rosés, sparkling wines, unique red blends, and so much more. Make your gift an exploration of Pennsylvania Wine Land. Start planning the perfect wine tour right here.

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