How to Craft the Perfect Wine Flight


Wine flights are an experience for the senses and a favorite amongst wine drinkers. How so? Their uses are endless. A wine flight can take you on an end-to-end tour of a new local winery. It can introduce a beginner to each end of the wine spectrum. It can bring out to you the subtle differences between those 3 wines you once thought were so similar. Wine flights bring out subtlety, range, and contrast for the drinker. It teaches those new to wine tasting the kind of mindset that makes the most of their experience.

If you’re an avid wine taster, you already know about the value a wine flight brings. But they’re not just fit for a local tasting room. No, wine flights are something you not only can put together at home, but most definitely should put together at home. You’ll have the opportunity to combine, compare, and create in the comfort of your home. So what goes into making the perfect trio? Find out now.

A Wine Flight for Subtleties

Use your wine flight to understand the subtle differences between each glass. For this style flight, you want to choose your varieties very carefully. Choose a characteristic you want to focus on understanding about the wine, such as oak aging. Then choose three wines that share this characteristic. You’ll be able to taste and compare the subtle differences between each glass. Arranging a wine flight is an excellent way to study and truly understand the complexities of wine.

A Wine Flight Based on Winery

Use your flight to experience a new winemaker’s selection. Craft a trio from a single wine brand to take you across their range of products. Pay attention to flavors that might be consistent across their selection. Pay attention to what you think they do best and where they might have less experience.

A Wine Flight by Region

Use your wine flight to understand the flavors a particular region might produce. Different varieties of grapes thrive in completely different areas. The grapes that come out of Pennsylvania and California are not the same, and therefore do not produce the same wine. Crafting your wine flight based on region takes you on a tour of that particular area, and gives you the opportunity to taste a few vastly different glasses.

Best Wine Flight Ideas

The opportunities for crafting wine flights are truly endless. Above are just a few of our favorite ideas for assembling an at-home tasting session. Turn your flight-crafting session into a fun evening with friends! Grab a few appetizers, a variety of bottles, and get ready to find your new favorites. Your flight doesn’t have to be based on winery, region, subtleties, or anything in particular—but it is smart to give it a goal. That could be style, old world vs. new world, cold climate vs. warm climate, and so forth. Wine flights are about understanding both the wine and your own palate better. So have fun with it. Put together your Pennsylvania flight to get started.

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