Here's How We Celebrated Pennsylvania Wine Month

october is pa wine month how to celebrate pennsylvania wine

October is the perfect time for celebrating the wide variety of wine that’s crafted in PA. Wine lovers throughout the state spent last month tasting new bottles, touring wineries, finding new food pairings, and more. October is a very busy harvest month for vineyards in PA. Winemakers across the region consider that an opportunity to make this time extraordinary for their visitors. Here’s everything you need to know about celebrating Pennsylvania Wine Month.

Find New Wineries

In Pennsylvania, you’re always less than 1 hour away from a winery. So there’s lots to be explored. The cooler months are arguably the best time to explore wineries. Trek through cool, crisp vineyards or cozy up inside for a glass of your new favorite wine. There are always things to do and conversations to be had at your local wineries. What’s the best way to find wineries near you? The Pennsylvania Wineries mobile app! The app is designed to help you plan the perfect itinerary for traveling Pennsylvania wine country. Discover pet-friendly wineries, where you can find the most dry or sweet wines, and much more. The Pennsylvania Wineries app is designed to tailor your local experience to your wine preferences. Start exploring today!

Explore Events Near You

Wineries across the state are so excited to share Pennsylvania Wine Month with you. They put together exciting events to share their craft with local wine lovers. Events such as live music, tarot card reading, adult trick or treating, trivia night, and more happened throughout the state during PA Wine Month. Our wineries put together the perfect events to combine spooky season and harvest season celebrations. Find winery events near you!

Travel The Wine Trails of PA

With over 300 wineries in PA, it’s hard to know where to begin. That’s why we’ve put together wine trails for each region of the state. These trails are designed to take you through the full spectrum of flavors that are being produced by winemakers in PA. Explore the wineries in your local region, or plan a trip just a few hours away! Explore the best places to stay throughout Pennsylvania for the perfect wine weekend getaway.

Pennsylvania Wine Association

The PWA is a non-profit trade association and an advocate on behalf of the state’s growing multi-billion dollar wine industry. We’re here to educate the public about the incredible wine that is being produced across Pennsylvania, and to support the winemakers that are spearheading this movement. As you travel the 14,000+ acres of wine land across Pennsylvania, visit our website or download our mobile app for the most up-to-date resources on Pennsylvania Wine.

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