Best Wine Gifts 2023

best wine gifts 2023 gifts for wine lovers gold gift wrap pa wines

Gift shopping can get a little out of hand, even overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of people in your life you want to buy things for. But finding the perfect gift doesn’t have to be too complicated. Whether you’re looking to get the best gift for a wine expert or to introduce someone into the world of wine, we’ve got you covered. Don’t spend too much time worrying about what to get for all of the wine lovers in your life, just read this blog for the best wine gifts in 2023!

A New Local Wine

Whether gifted to a wine expert or novice, a new bottle is a great choice. For those that you might share the love of wine with, introduce them to a variety they might not have tried before. It’s easy with drinks to find what you love and stick with it. Take this opportunity to get your friend or family member out of their box. If they’re new to the world of wine, go for an easy crowd pleaser, such as a Sauvignon Blanc or a Pinot Noir. If they’re already an avid wine taster, grab a one-of-a-kind bottle from your local wineries this year. Wineries in PA are always experimenting and putting together unique blends year after year. Find the bottle that’s right for them!

New Wine Glasses are Always a Great Choice

It goes without saying, but true wine lovers absolutely love getting a new set of wine glasses. 

There is a seemingly endless variety of wine glasses out there for you to purchase, but when it comes to buying wine glasses as a gift for someone, we recommend going with an all purpose type of glass. You never know the full extent of their collection, so it’s best to go with a style of glass you know will actually get used. Check out these Schott Zwiesel Pure Glasses from Williams Sonoma. You can’t go wrong, they have an elegant shape that will match almost any stemware collection and won’t break the bank. 

Local Cheeses & Accoutrements

What pairs more effortlessly with wine than a charcuterie board on a Saturday evening? Take a trip to your local grocer or farmers’ market to gather the perfect pairings for your wine gift. Pennsylvania is known for its incredible local cheeses, honeys, breads, and more. So finding a stunning arrangement to accompany your wine will be simple. This idea also gives you an excellent opportunity to support local businesses. Try to provide them with an array of savory and sweet pairings. Whether that’s dark chocolate, breadsticks, jam, dried meats & cheeses, or something else.

Insulated Wine Carrier

Your outdoorsy loved ones will appreciate this one. An insulated wine carrier. There are a lot of great options to choose from on the internet, so please shop around. We found that this  Wine Tote available from Rustico checks a lot of boxes. Its stylish waxed-canvas finish is water resistant and looks great. The bag is insulated to keep your Rosé chilled on even the hottest days. On top of all of that, it’s a decent size, so you won’t have any problem carrying two oversized bottles. Perfect for a picnic, short hike, canoe trip, or something else. Ready to take this gift to the next level? Personalize it by having your friend’s initials embroidered along the bottom. 

Finding The Perfect Christmas Gift

Maybe the wine drinker in your life doesn’t need a physical gift, but rather an experience. The vast amount of wine, wineries, and vineyards across the U.S. today is astounding. In Pennsylvania, skilled Winemakers create delicate dry rosés, sparkling wines, unique red blends, and much more for you to try. Make your gift an exploration of Pennsylvania Wine Land. There are community wine events happening around you all the time. From live music at wineries to Christmas Bingo and even a Murder Mystery Lunch. Nothing is better than a gift you can enjoy together. Start planning the perfect wine adventure now.

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