Used Crush Pad Equipment Package - 16HL Pneumatic Membrane Press, Destemmer/Crusher, and Connections

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Complete Crush Pad Package-Used Equipment. Destem, crush, and press up to 4 tons fresh grapes per load (1+ ton whole cluster). The press has extra long legs to fit a half-ton bin underneath the barrel to dump the pomace for easy disposal. Destemmer/Crusher can easily process 2 tons per hour. Hoses included to connect from the crusher to a must pump (not included) with 2.5" triclover fittings, and then to the axial filling connector on the press. I also have some rakes, shovels, etc. that you can have as well. See attached pics for equipment specs. Press used 6 harvests, crusher used 3. Located in Allentown, PA. Loading dock on site to load directly into box truck. If you are interested in either piece of equipment separately, please email.

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