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Plan your Pennsylvania Wine Land Experience! White, red, rosé, and bubbly – get to know the impressive variety of wines grown, produced, and poured throughout PA.

Pennsylvania continues the long legacy of winemaking. More than 330 years ago, William Penn planted a vineyard in Philadelphia, PA. Pennsylvania is fifth in the nation for wine production with an exciting diversity of wine varieties, styles, and flavors. Wineries offer tastings, bottles, and special events year-round. The state offers over 400 wineries with over 14,000 acres of vineyards. Start planning your visit to Pennsylvania Wine Land with the PA Wine Land Mobile App!

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Get an idea of a winery’s atmosphere before you go with sneak-peek photos and a look into how they got started. Bringing along a four-legged friend? Filter by pet-friendly wineries so everyone can be included. Get directions, contact information, and more in one place to make your next wine trip a breeze.

Trek through cool, crisp vineyards or cozy up inside for a glass of your new favorite wine. There are always things to do and conversations to be had at your local wineries. The app is designed to help you plan the perfect itinerary for traveling Pennsylvania wine country.

Grow Your Wine Knowledge

Read The PA Wine Land Post to learn more about winemaking, wine tasting, pairings, and the best ways to enjoy your local wines. The PA Wine Post comes out with new articles every month to show you how the winemakers of Pennsylvania do what they do. Learn the best way to clean wine glasses, how to create your own pairings, traveling Pennsylvania, and more.

Explore Events Near You

Wineries across the state are so excited to share Pennsylvania Wine with you. They’ve put together exciting events to share their craft with local wine lovers. Events such as live music, chocolate & wine pairings, yoga classes, trivia nights, and more are happening throughout Pennsylvania every week. Find winery events near you!

Pennsylvania Wine Association

The PWA is a non-profit trade association and an advocate on behalf of the state’s growing multi-billion dollar wine industry. We’re here to educate the public about the incredible wine that is being produced across Pennsylvania, and to support the winemakers that are spearheading this movement.

As you travel the 14,000+ acres of wine land across Pennsylvania, we encourage you to download our mobile app for the most up-to-date resources on Pennsylvania Wine. We’ve designed this app for both experienced wine lovers & novices alike to explore the incredible drinks that are being crafted in PA. Start exploring today!