Artisan Wine & Cheese Weekend

This event is part of the Bucks County Wine Trail Artisan Cheese & Wine Pairing Event with I-Gourmet

Spend a lovely fall weekend celebrating two of life’s greatest pleasures – wine and cheese!

On Saturday and Sunday, pairings will be offered in our cozy Wine Loft.

Here are two of our featured cheeses:

Saint-Nectaire (Auvergne, France) – an ancient, natural-rinded, soft-textured monastery cheese with a mild and fruity flavor. Its smooth, buttery texture and pungent aroma are characteristic of many good French cheeses. Produced at altitudes exceeding 1,000 meters, where the air and water are clean and pure, Saint Nectaire cheese is still made using traditional methods. Its milk is taken from cows that graze outside on mountain grasses peppered with wild flowers. After its initial production, each wheel is placed on a handmade straw mat, then aged in an underground cellar for at least two months.

Mahon (Menorca, Spain) – Mahon is produced on the island of Menorca in the Balearic Islands, off the coast of Spain. A 100% cow’s milk cheese, Mahon comes in large squares of about six pounds. Ripened in underground caves for at least 60 days, Mahon has a bold, magnificent flavor that could never be called mild. The yellowish-orange rind conceals a soft, slightly salty, and decidedly spicy interior.