Chambourcin '13 and Chocolate on Friday the 13th!

“Twelve days before Christmas my true love gave to me…..
A BRF Chambourcin ‘13!”
Friday the Thirteenth is your Lucky Day!
We are releasing, for the very first time- BRF Chambourcin ‘13
These bottles have been sitting in the vault waiting for the perfect occasion to release them to our discerning Chambourcin Lovers!
Today is the day! The ONLY day that you can purchase a bottle of this perfectly aged, full-bodied, dry, deep berry flavored, un-oaked Chambourcin ’13!
So, step on the crack, pet the black cat, leave your new shoes on the table, and run under that ladder to get to Black River Farms on Friday the 13th of December for your one and only chance to procure a bottle of the coveted
BRF Chambourcin ’13!
Join us for a Chambourcin ’13 and Chocolate Pairing by Dolce Patisserie.
Live music with Payne Shelton!
One glass of wine and 3 chocolates for $13.
Bottles for sale today only for $20.13

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