Dave Fields Band

AGES 21+

Feel free to show up early and get yourself a good table… because the upstairs bar opens at 2 pm! Seating has been expanded since last year. Bring your friends and family!

Our new bar proudly serves Pennsylvania beer, cider, cocktails, slushies… and of course, wine! Come on out and join the party!

The upstairs bar is *cash only.* Cards may be used downstairs in the Tasting Room, which closes at 7 pm. All wine tastings stop at 6.


Dave Fields grew up in New York City, the son of a noted gifted composer arranger-producer Sammy “Forever” Fields. From the time Dave was young he grew up in his father’s recording studio being exposed to artists such as the likes of Sammy Kahn, Rupert Holmes, and Stevie Wonder. Dave Fields live is an electrifying experience. His soulful singing is punctuated with a performance of guitar virtuosity, blues, rock and beyond. His songwriting stylings will keep you feeling as well as his power as an entertainer. Each performance is unique unto themselves and is a scintillating, mind-bending, uplifting event.

Check him out here: https://youtu.be/IEpuLocfty8

FOOD TRUCK: Stuffed to the Grills.

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