Frog Holler Is Back!

AGES 21+

Our upstairs bar opens at 2 pm. Feel free to show up early, get yourself a good table, and sip away the afternoon!

The upstairs bar is CASH ONLY. Cards may be used downstairs in the Tasting Room (which closes at 6 pm).

Reviews of Frog Holler:

“Great songwriting, deliriously entertaining live act”— The Village Voice

“Neo-hillbillies with a twist, Frog Holler plays mountain blues and the country as accessible and modern as the most hummable pop”— The Washington Post

“Some of the most rollicking, heartfelt country-rock songs this side of Nashville”— Brian Howard, The Philadelphia City Paper

“Works brooding soundscapes as easily as classic bluegrass with an ear-catching shimmer.” – Paste Magazine

Check them out here:

FOOD TRUCK: Gourmand Cafe.

As a friendly reminder, please see our updated Concert Policies: