Make Your Own Wine

Make Your Own Wine at The Winery at Wilcox
Saturday, May 20th 1-5pm
Cost: Full Ticket $129 Just Want to Observe? $29
This class includes all of the supplies, tools and information you need as our expert wine maker, Josh Galsick, helps you create your first batch of wine!
Includes: Juice (Concord or Niagara), 5 Gallon Carboy, Bung and Airlock, All Yeasts and Chemicals, Hydrometer, Titrets, Bentonite, Corks, 2 Cases of Empty Bottles and a Siphon Kit! ($190 value at retail)
RSVP by May 16th by calling 814.929.5598. Pre-pay required. No refunds.
Come early and get a bite to eat at the food truck! Donahue’s Chow station will be on-site!