Sunday Music Jams

MAY 20: Strawberry Jam Duo
Imagine a blend of familiar and obscure classic rock tunes from the 60’s and 70’s. Now, throw in some slanted humor, funny banter and a dose of sarcasm. (All in pure fun) You have just settled in for an event with The Strawberry Jam Duo. With Terry Cummings on bass and John Ferrato on acoustic/electric guitar, two members who branch out from the 4-member full band of Strawberry Jam, you’ll get full sets of hits from The Doors, Beatles, Johnny Cash, Grateful Dead, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Creedence Clearwater Revival and many more.

MAY 27: Kaligis & Rauscher’s Dynamic Duo 
Allentown natives Jake Kaligis & Michael Rauscher’s Dynamic Duo have been performing for over 15 years in and out of the Lehigh Valley and beyond. They specialize in the Singer/Songwriter hits and Classic Rock of the 60s through the 90s along with their own flavorful original creations.

$5.00 includes a wine tasting.

ONLY BMV WINE IS PERMITTED ON THE PREMISES. NO OTHER ALCOHOL IS ALLOWED. All of our events are ages 21+ only. NO Balloons or Decorations.