The Mighty Manatees

AGES 21+

Come on out and party before the weather gets cold!

The Mighty Manatees Band are a large, diverse ensemble who are known to skillfully combine many genres into an upbeat, harmonious blend. Reggae, country, blues, folk, ska, funk, zydeco, and rock n’ roll peacefully coexist under the Mightees’ musical umbrella. They have played with The Wailers, America, David Amram, Commander Cody, the Spin Doctors, Richard Hell, The Radiators, U2, Nigel Hall, Lettuce, and many more.

As always, our upstairs bar opens at 2 pm. Feel free to show up before the concert and get yourself a good table!

And while you’re at it, why not taste some of the great beverages Pennsylvania has to offer? At all of our concerts we proudly serve local beers, spirits, slushies, ciders… and of course, our award-winning wine!

As a friendly reminder, please see our updated Concert Policies:

FOOD TRUCK: Gourmand Cafe.