The North Indian food and fine wine experience

Enjoy a variety of exotic Indian food served as a buffet with our fine wine selection and acoustic soft rock music with Elaine Molinari.

Kashmiri Chicken
Chicken Malai Kabab prepared in creamy, tangy and mildly spiced curry
Kadai Paneer Masala
Indian cottage cheese cooked in onion, bell pepper and tomato gravy with cumin, coriander, turmeric, and garam masala
Vegetable Samosas
Spiced potatoes and peas stuffed in crispy fried turnovers
Punjabi Chole
Chickpeas simmered with a mixture of fried garlic, ginger, onions, tamarind sauce, and traditional Indian spices

All Of the above served with Aromatic Basmati Rice with Peas and Naan (Indian bread)