Virtual Murder Mystery Nights: Wine Heist - VIRTUAL

Do you have what it takes to crack the case? Help the CFW Crew collect evidence, follow the leads, and uncover the mastermind during this interactive event that’s part murder mystery, part wine tasting every Friday night in January!

Deep within the cellars of Chaddsford Winery sits the world’s most elusive bottle of wine. Taken from Eric Miller’s personal library, this bottle stands alone as the most expensive vintage in the world. Scavenged from a 16th century Spanish ship, the bottle is now worth a cool $3,000,000. The first and only of its vintage, it is now a high-volume target. Only the most brazen of crews could pull off a heist like this – enter the infamous Great Lakes – five of the craftiest thieves in the world.

With so much on the line, tensions run high. When one of the group winds up dead, there’s nowhere else to look than the person beside you. Join the crew to sleuth their way to this mysterious bottle of wine and hopefully—the killer.

Purchase an event pass online for $100/household – invite your friends or neighbors over to share in the fun! We’ll ship you a package with program information, clues, Zoom login credentials, and 6 bottles of wine.

Click here to join this Virtual Event

If you have questions about the event please reach out directly to Chaddsford Winery.