Wild West Murder Mystery Nights

The year’s 1880, and there’s an effort underway to resurrect the once-boomin’ Chaddsford Saloon. A series of murders from a decade back sent this here town of Chadds Ford into disrepair, but a certain cowboy reckons the time’s finally come to get ‘er back on ‘er boots.

So grab your kin, put on your best bib and tucker, and head on down to the Grand Reopenin’ to see what all the fuss is about… it’s sure to be a gun-slingin’ good time!

Along with mystery and suspense that’ll leave ya shakin’ in your boots, expect some finger-lickin’ hors-d’oeuvres and, of course, some darn-good Pennsylvania wine.

This event is Fridays and Saturdays in January