Wine & Chocolate Weekends

Pairing Wine & Chocolate

Join us in our romantic Wine Loft as we celebrate the world’s most classic couple – wine and chocolate!

Once again, we’ll be teaming up with our good friends from the Stony Run Inn in Kempton, PA. And they have come up with an ingenious concoction!

Salted Caramel Apple Cups

A chewy blondie embedded with cinnamon apples, delicately infused with caramel, and topped with a sweet crumble, drizzled chocolate and sea salt. They taste like little bites of apple pie! The tartness of the apple counterpoints the sweetness of the caramel, while the sea salt rounds out the flavor, achieving a beautifully balanced treat.

This perfectly complements a sweet white wine without overpowering the delicate notes. We’ll be pairing it with our Blanc de Blanc sparkling wine (which just won a Governor’s Cup at the 2018 Pennsylvania Farm show!); or our ever-popular 2016 Cayuga.


In Advance – $10
Day of Event – $12