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Apis Mead & Winery

Apis Mead & Winery

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Handcrafted. Locally Sourced. Contemporary Mead.

Apis Mead & Winery brings you a contemporary take on one of man’s oldest fermented beverages.
Mead – (sometimes called honey wine) has been enjoyed by many for centuries.

Our handcrafted mead is made exclusively with Bedillion honey Farm Honey in Hickory, PA and captures Pennsylvania’s native honey flavors without being too sweet.

Every bottle you purchase has been cared for from start to finish. it all starts with the brewing. We brew our mead in small batches and start with the basics: honey, water, yeast. Add in some fruits, spices, and hops for fun, we now offer 50+ meads to satisfy everyone’s palate. Once the batches are finished brewing, they are then individually bottled, labeled, waxed sealed, and are ready to be enjoyed by you!


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