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Banter's Hard Cider

Banter's Hard Cider

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After visiting a local cidery in Ontario while on vacation with family in 2009, “Uncle” Steve Brancato returned to the states a few days later and took the first steps toward what would become a seven year journey into creating Banter’s Hard Cider. With little doubt in his mind that he could recreate the deliciousness he had tasted a few days earlier in Canada, the over-excited Brancato rushed off to his local homebrew supplier and purchased the equipment and ingredients needed to make a one-gallon batch of hard cider. He cleaned, he sanitized, he fermented, he transferred, he bottled. Just like the 150 word article he read on cider making told him to. Three weeks later, it was time to enjoy the fruits of his labor. “What’s that floating on top?” his wife, Krista asked. Before Steve had a chance to answer she fired off another question. “Am I going to get sick if I drink this?”. “No” he replied…”Probably not” he soon after corrected. Even after swirling it around and smelling smells that would tell most human beings to stay away, she did what any good wife would do. She took a sip. “Is this how it’s supposed to taste? This isn’t really how the one in Canada tasted.” Disappointed but still determined, Steve retreated back to his basement and fed the rest of his first batch to a utility sink underneath the bar.


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