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Binah Winery

Binah Winery


Binah (pronounced Bee-nah) is Understanding: the power to distinguish between one idea and another. It is representative of the contemplative mind, a palace of mirrors, a place in thought where ideas are fully developed. We chose the name Binah for our winery because we see these attributes reflected in the culture of winemaking. Grapes have been grown in a yearly cycle stretching back to ancient times. Generations upon generations have come and gone. In every year the grapes capture a reflection of time and place, are picked from the vine, and made into wine. The reflection evolves into a story, its nostalgic essence manifesting in maturity.


Pet Friendly: No

Family Friendly: No

Member Winery: Yes

Types of Wines Offered?: Red, White, Rosé, Sparkling

Estate Grown Grapes / Fruit: 0-25%

Styles of Wine?: Dry, Sweet, Blends, Vinifera, Hybrids, Still, Sparkling

Food Available?: No

Offer Entertainment?: No

Reservations Required?: Yes


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