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Civil War Cider

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Civil War Cider is located in the Historic District of downtown Lewisburg, PA.  We are the only producer of artisinal cider and mead in Union County.  We make Civil War styled ciders and experiment with new ciders.  Several of our ciders are aged in Oak Whiskey Barrels and served straight from the barrel!  Seasonal ciders are made in clay jugs or in glass – just as our ancestors did during the Civil War.  Bushel & Barrel, our cider-pub venue, is a watering hole popular amongst seekers of unique ciders, high quality beverages, and dedicated drink craftsmen.

We source all of our apples within a 50 mile radius of the cider pub.  Some of the juice we purchase direct from the growers, other times we use an antique press to squeeze the juice from apples.  All apples are picked from the tree to ensure fresh and sediment free juice.  Our ciders are both still or bubbly, bone dry to mild sweetness, fresh and bright to tart and aged.

Created in January of 2014, CWC finally opened the doors to Bushel & Barrel on July 29th 2014.  Rob & Sofia worked hard with Cody M, Arion M, Megan V, Ben A, Ian C, Katrina D,   Carrie S, Jim B, Fern S, Regan S, Angela D, Michelle T, Dr. Thaden-Jordan, Atty. Klett, Dr. Dahl and Prof. Eisenstein whose shared vision of a speakeasy cider pub was integral to its opening.  Behind the scenes, The Lewisburg Downtown Partnership under the direction of Linda S, helped put the financial and licensing pieces of the puzzle together with Walter Bruce, property investor.  One big happy family, working hard to make it look easy!


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