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A wife suggesting that her husband finds a new hobby?  That could be taken rather lightly.  However, if your husband is Don Andreas, your suggestion could turn your home’s basement into a fully licensed, commercial winery in just over a year!

As Don Andreas’ daughter, Chloe, prepared to walk the stage at her high school graduation in the spring of 2018, his wife, Pamela, knew that he would need something to fill the absence of his daughter’s time away at college.

Pamela had introduced Don to enjoying wine many years ago, and visiting wineries become something they would frequently do together on the weekend to relax and put the work week behind them.

Andreas purchased a basic wine making equipment kit that summer of 2018 and began making wine from concentrate kits.  He quickly searched for as much wine making information as he could get his hands and eyes on, leading to enrolling in Northampton Community College’s Wine Specialist program.  


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