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Olivero's Vineyard

Olivero's Vineyard

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Nestled on a 70 acre farm in the picturesque Juniata Valley, you will find Olivero’s Vineyard.  Olivero’s is a family-owned and operated vineyard and winery adjacent to a family-owned 124 year old farm house dating to the origins of the McAlisterville village.  The vineyard and winery are co-owned by Bill Dressler and his two children, Matthew Dressler and Megan Yurkovic.

The true origin of our winery is some 35+ years in the making.  Bill and Dottie first purchased the farm now known as Olivero’s in 1976.  Dottie’s love of wine and her dream of turning the farm into a vineyard grew as she and Bill raised their children in this picturesque valley.

Dottie passed away in 2009, never seeing her dream become a reality.  After her passing, many fond memories were shared amongst family, including her love of wine and her dream of seeing a vineyard on her farm.

By 2012 Dottie’s dream started to take shape, one grape trellis at a time.

The last piece to the puzzle?  Selecting a name that would honor Dottie and make her proud.  It soon became apparent that Olivero’s, named in honor of Dottie’s Italian immigrant father, Olivero Ricci, was the perfect name for the family’s venture.

When visiting Olivero’s, you will find breathtaking views of the rolling hills and nearby mountains, as well as a passing glimpse of the Amish.

If you are visiting from the city, you will certainly find Olivero’s a relaxing, calming experience and if you are local, you will have an opportunity to sit back and enjoy a renewed appreciation for the Juniata valley’s beauty.


Opening Time: Fridays: 11-7pm, Saturdays: 11-7pm, Sundays: 11-6pm, Weekdays by appointment.

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