Statewide Cheers Instructions

We have been so moved by the spirit of camaraderie, strength, and resilience of our PA wines community these past few weeks. Our wineries have continued to creatively and collaboratively navigate these ever-changing circumstances, and local wine lovers across the state have rallied around their favorite wineries with enthusiastic support. To honor all of you who keep Pennsylvania Wine Land thriving, we are organizing the world’s longest (maybe) virtual statewide toast. This video will be promoted on our social media channels as well as an upcoming issue of The PA Wine Land Post new “Stays Home” series. Please see below for a (very short) sample.

To participate, please submit a short (under 10 seconds) video of yourself toasting, using the helpful instructions and instructional video below:



  1. Set up your smartphone on a steady surface 4′ – 6′ away from where you will stand so that you appear roughly from the waist up. Be sure your phone is vertical (up and down), not horizontal (on its side).
  2. Hit RECORD, walk back to where you are standing, look at the camera, and then cheers to the imaginary winemaker on your RIGHT first, take a sip, and then cheers to the imaginary winemaker on your LEFT. Hit STOP.  When you are toasting, make sure that your glass doesn’t go all the way out of the frame (a little bit is OK), and try to keep it midway between the top and bottom of the frame so that the next video can line up smoothly. 
  3. Email your video to Jennifer Munsch at [email protected] by Tuesday, April 14 at 11:59PM EDT.


  • DO represent your winery by wearing something with your logo on it or standing in front of your sign.
  • DO NOT wear any logos that are not your own (eg. professional sports, bands, fashion brands, etc.) We will not be able to use your video if any unauthorized brands are displayed.
  • DO a few practice rounds. (It took us about 10 takes to get it right!)
  • DO make sure that you are toasting to the RIGHT first and then the LEFT. Any videos that do not follow this structure will be unable to be used. Any content before or after your toasts will be edited out (eg. the wave at the beginning of the sample toast below).
  • DO NOT submit a video that is longer than 10 seconds. Longer videos will not be used.
  • DO NOT submit a video that is horizontal. Only vertical videos will be accepted.