Wine Swap: Trade Pinot Noir for Lemberger

Pinot Noir is an elegant and versatile grape. So is Lemberger, a red wine varietal originally from Germany. Also known as Blaufränkisch, the wine grape is beloved for its deep

Wine Swap: Trade Petite Syrah for Noiret

Petite Syrah is beloved for its deep color, high tannins, and berry notes — which are balanced by the earthy flavors of black pepper and cocoa. That description could also

Wine Swap: Trade dry Riesling for Seyval Blanc

Tis the season for something crisp and bright. If you love a dry Riesling, then give Seyval Blanc a chance. Similar to dry Riesling, this French-American hybrid boasts high acidity and

Wine Swap: Trade White Zin for Catawba

If you usually reach for White Zinfandel, the beloved blush wine, now is the time to branch out. Maybe you’re at a winery and looking to sip something local. Maybe