Fine Wine & Good Spirits: In-Store Tasting Procedures and Requirements

Read and review: Terms and Conditions for Vendor-Sponsored, In-Store Tastings

  • SIGNATURE REQUIRED– Page 11 (Acknowledgement). Signed form can be emailed to [email protected] OR sent via mail to the following address:


    Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board
    ATTN: Tasting Scheduler Administration – Room 204
    910 Capital Street, NWOB
    Harrisburg, PA 17124

Read and review: Vendor Code of Conduct

  • SIGNATURE REQUIRED – Section V (Acknowledgment). Signed form must be emailed to [email protected]

Read and review: Insurance Requirements

  • Obtain proper certificates of insurance according to the requirements

Read and review: Indemnity Form

  • SIGNATURE REQUIRED. Certificates of insurance and signed indemnity form MUST be sent to the following address:

    Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board
    ATTN: Tasting Scheduler Administration
    204 Northwest Office Building
    Harrisburg, PA 17124

Read and review: Vendor Dress Code (no signature required)

Read and review: Regulatory Requirements for Tastings (no signature required)


Scheduling an In-Store Tasting

Once all the required paperwork is submitted, reviewed, and approved, your winery may register for the tasting scheduler.

How to find a store number

  • On the Fine Wine & Good Spirits website, select Locate Store (top of the page), then select the county where you want to conduct a tasting from the drop-down menu by clicking ‘View Map of Counties’ and selecting the appropriate county.
  • Once you select a county a list of Fine Wine & Good Spirit stores will populate. Each location is identified with a STORE ID, which is the store number.

To see a calendar of tastings already scheduled at a store and review dates and times still available for scheduling, visit the In-Store Events web page and search by store (Store ID), city, or ZIP code, as well as date.

For stores with three-digit store numbers, you will need to add a 0 prior to the store #. For example, you’d enter 0247 for store #247.

All tastings must be scheduled via the Tasting Scheduler, which requires registration before a winery can use the tool.

  • Once approved by the PLCB to conduct tastings and registered for the scheduler, you may schedule from 30 days to 180 days out from the current date.
  • Tasting times are first-come-first-served, unless an event is taking place at a particular store.
  • Wineries may pour up to four products per tasting, but no more.
  • You may not schedule back-to-back times with the same products.
  • The products you pour MUST already be in the PLCB system and available for sale in the storeswhere you schedule tastings.
  • No tastings may occur unless approved.
  • Upon scheduling a tasting, you will receive two emails: one confirming the tasting request wassuccessfully submitted, and a second email approving the tasting. Be sure to review the approval email for any changes, as the PLCB will review available inventory at the store and remove any products from the tasting that are not available for sale.

If you wish to expand your products to additional stores, please email your PLCB buyer to discuss additional store locations

You do not need to purchase the product you will pour from the store; instead you may bring your own product for the tasting.